Brian Williams Gets The Ax For Six Months, Suspended

Brian Williams Gets The Ax For Six Months, Suspended

AUN-TV was one of the very first news outlets to point out Brian Williams apology was a provable lie.  

That lying apology has now cost Williams his job.   NBC chief executive Steve Burke said Tuesday that Williams’ actions were inexcusable and jeopardized the trust he has built up with viewers during his decade as the network’s lead anchor.  He suspended Brian Williams as “Nightly News” anchor and managing editor for six months without pay for misleading the public about his experiences covering the Iraq War.

The corrupt establishment media, symbolized by the Associated Press, said in their article on this suspension, quote “Instead, he was in a group of helicopters and another was hit, and some veterans involved in the mission called him out on it.”     That is untrue, he was not even there, he got there an hour after the shoot down. As this article reported:  

The way the “establishment” press protects their own and their favored politicians is a major reason there is so much lying in the press and in politics, because it makes it beneficial to lie.  Williams likely would have never become the #1 network anchor without lying.  Just as Obama would have never been elected if not for lying.  Today David Axelrod confessed that he asked Obama to lie to America about homosexual marriage to get elected, and Obama agreed to the deception campaign.  Allowing lying to get to the top promotes inferior people, and holds back the best.


David Axelrod and Obama

More on Brian Williams:

Brian Williams’ rescue plan crumbles as friends plead for mercy, By Howard Kurtz

The atmosphere surrounding Brian Williams has turned so toxic that it’s not clear when—or even if—he’ll be able to return to the anchor chair.

The original plan—Williams apologizes, takes himself off the air for a few days, schmoozes with Letterman, and slides back into his job—has crumbled. The apology was weak and inaccurate, too fleeting to heal the wound over telling a lie about his chopper in Iraq having been hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.

His statement that he had decided as managing editor to suspend himself made it look like nobody at NBC is in charge, that he is so big and famous that he answers to no one. And NBC isn’t really conducting an internal “investigation” that would hold Williams accountable. So now he’s in a kind of professional limbo, with no apparent Plan B.

What’s been striking to me is how many people are willing to end what has been a pretty solid career because of this one admittedly horrible mistake. Of course, new reports of discrepancies aren’t helping, serving instead as a kind of Chinese water torture eroding what’s left of his credibility. And the feedback I’m getting—on Twitter, Facebook and by e-mail—is overwhelmingly against Williams keeping his NBC job.

There’s even a Rasmussen poll out: 40 percent say Williams should resign, 35 percent disagree and 25 percent aren’t sure.  Read More:

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