Saudis’ insult Michelle unchallenged by Obama

Saudis’ insult Michelle unchallenged by Obama

Saudis’ insult Michelle unchallenged by Obama

India, a land of magic and mystery, put on a show just by being a strange and wondrous place. The president got to make some speeches and talk mostly about himself. At one stop an incredulous listener counted 118 mentions of Himself, the Big Fellow, in one 33-minute speech.

He even had a new place to play the race card. He never leaves home without it. “Even as America has blessed us with extraordinary opportunities, there were moments in my life where I’ve been treated differently because of the color of my skin.”

He had to cut his visit short, just as Michelle was enjoying herself, and hurry on to Saudi Arabia where she couldn’t, and where a man practicing his faith as he chooses risks leaving his head in the sand. They beheaded 11 men and a woman in Chop Chop Square just before the Obamas arrived.

The new king and his knights met the president and the first lady at the foot of the stairway of the big Boeing, all oily smiles for him and a few condescending nods for her. With her head defiantly uncovered, she stood the ritual two paces behind the president, her hands clasped in front of her, with the expression on her face saying everything, her dignity under pressure testifying that being a woman was nothing to be ashamed of, either at home or in the desert. (Cheers for her).

It’s a rare man in the West who could abide such insult to his wife, but Mr. Obama soldiered on to the king’s palace for dinner and a discussion about what the United States, which have saved the royal Saudi bacon before, can do for the Saudi royals now, confronted as they are by Islamic terrorists of Iran, the Islamic State, and now Yemen. If the president said anything to the king about his war on women, there was no public mention of it. All the president got was an insult for his wife.

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