Jerry Epstein’s Butler, Alfredo, Who Feared Epstein Might Kill Him, Dies, Good For Clinton And Andrew?

Jerry Epstein’s Butler, Alfredo, Who Feared Epstein Might Kill Him, Dies, Good For Clinton And Andrew?

In the already bizarre case of convicted child sex offender Jerry Epstein being accused of using underage girls has sex slaves, his butler Alfredo Rodriguez has died.   Epstein is known to be a close friend of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton.  Prince Andrew has also been accused of participating in this use of underage sex slaves.

Alfredo Rodriguez death comes after six months of dealing with cancer so can be just a coincidence.  But based of reporting from the UK Mail, his death appears highly beneficial to Epstein, Andrew and Clinton as he kept “insurance”, info about all three and others tied to Epstein as he feared Epstein might make him “disappear.”


Be warned the following report has much offensive behavior described in it:

The book also had extensive contact details for Epstein’s celebrity friends who included former President Bill Clinton, actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Rock and Celebrity Apprentice host, property mogul Donald Trump.

Dunn, a real estate agent, told that she did not personally know the details and had never met any of the men. ‘But I heard a lot of stories,’ she added.

‘It was a terrible case and Alfredo wasn’t really involved’ she added. revealed that Rodriguez kept a black book of Epstein’s contacts — which he referred to as ‘The Holy Grail.’ or ‘Golden Nugget.’ The dozens of entries included contact details for A-list names including former President Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Donald Trump, Earl Spencer, Barbara Walters, Henry Kissinger and at least three members of the Kennedy clan.

Court papers state that Rodriguez argued that he needed to keep the journal as insurance — as he feared Epstein would make him ‘disappear’.

Court papers also reveal that Rodriguez witnessed nude girls whom he believed were underage at the pool area of the home and knew that his former employer was engaging in sexual contact with underage girls and had viewed pornographic images of underage girls on his home computers.

The sensational case has blown up again following court papers filed by two women last week. In them, Andrew, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz — a key member of O.J. Simpson’s legal dream team — and French modeling scout Jean Luc Brunel were accused of taking advantage of the girls when they were under 18.

Rodriguez kept a detailed ‘black book’ of dozens of young women that Epstein abused. The houseman was sentenced to 18 months jail — the same term as his boss — in 2011 for failing to hand the journal to prosecutors. Instead he tried to sell it to defense lawyers for $50,000.

The book ‘detailed the full scope and the extent of Epstein’s involvement with underage girls,’ said lawyers.

Rodriguez took Epstein’s book without disclosing it to prosecutors, who claim that if they had known of it at the time of Epstein’s court case he would have received a much stiffer sentence.

But rather than the details of what was in the book, it is what Rodriguez witnessed that could have confirmed whether Prince Andrew had indeed abused the teens. Court papers say Rodriguez ‘saw numerous underage girls coming into Epstein’s mansion for purported “massages”.’

A detailed 2007 account of the Epstein case published in New York magazine claimed one of Rodriguez’s duties was to wash sex toys that he would find scattered on the floor of Epstein’s many houses.

Never-married Epstein, 61, was a physics and calculus teacher at the private Dalton School in New York in 1976 when he caught the eye of one of his student’s fathers who offered him a job as an options trader with the investment bank Bear Stearns.

He later founded his own wealth management company, becoming hugely wealthy in the process. He is said to own the largest private residence in New York along with the private 78-acre Little St. James Island in the Virgin Islands, a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, a huge ranch in New Mexico and properties in London and Paris.

He is now a registered sex offender.

He had known Andrew for years — they vacationed together in Thailand and the prince even stayed at his New York mansion after Epstein had completed 13 months of his 18-month jail sentence.

According to Vanity Fair, Andrew liked Epstein because he taught him how to relax. When the prince was warned by an advisor after the court case that he should distance himself from Epstein, Andrew allegedly screamed: ‘Leave me alone. Jeffrey’s my friend. Being loyal to your friends is a virtue. And I’m going to be loyal to him.’

The women who recently joined the lawsuit against Epstein were referred to in court papers as Jane Doe #3 and Jane Doe #4. Jane Doe #3, who makes the claims about Prince Andrew, Dershowitz and Brunel, has since been identified as blonde Virginia Roberts, now 30.

The two women joined a lawsuit filed by two other women, Jane Doe #1 and Jane Doe #2. All four claim they were enticed into giving sexually explicit nude massages to Epstein when they were under age.

Jane Doe #3 — Roberts — says Epstein forced her to have sex with Andrew, Dershowitz and Brunel. She says Epstein knew Andrew through their mutual friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late crooked publisher Robert Maxwell.

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