Riot and Violence Erupt in Berkeley, California

Riot and Violence Erupt in Berkeley, California

Two Berkeley police officers were injured when a protest over police killings turned violent, with protesters smashing windows and throwing rocks, bottles, pipes and bricks at police, who responded by firing tear gas, authorities said.

Several officers were struck, but there were just two reports of injuries, Berkeley police spokeswoman Jenn Coats said. A Berkeley police officer received hospital treatment for a dislocated shoulder after being hit with what was described as a sandbag, while another sustained minor injuries.

After more than five hours of marching and confrontations, approximately 400 protesters, mostly students, squared off against hundreds of police from Berkeley and other jurisdictions at the intersection of Telegraph Avenue and Durant Street just south of the UC Berkeley campus.  They smashed windows, threw rocks and bricks at officers who responded by firing tear gas.  Several businesses, including Trader Joe’s, Radio Shack and a branch of Wells Fargo Bank were also vandalized.

Berkeley protesters Radio Shack

Demonstrators break windows and loot at RadioShack in Berkeley, California on Saturday, December 6, 2014

Protests have been common in cities as a reaction to the grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Berkeley protesters 1

In Denver, Colorado four officers on bicycles were hit by a car, in what witnesses said was no accident, while some in the crowd screamed, “Hit them again.”

Berkeley shop owners are feeling just a small part of the pain shop owners in Ferguson, Missouri have been feeling since these incidents first occurred.

Since the release of the testimony in the Ferguson case, it has been determined that the entire narrative of a man with his hands up, surrendering, was a lie.  That in fact many witness statements and the physical evidence, backed up what the officer reported after the incident.  Those facts were reported by the Washington Post, who printed this:

“As those who have been following the case closely are aware, Wilson testified before the grand jury that Brown reached for his (Wilson’s) gun and a struggle for the gun followed, during which Wilson fired two shots.  Later, Wilson pursued Brown and, after he turned and then charged toward Wilson, fired multiple shots bringing him to the ground about 8 to 10 feet away from him.

“The physical evidence is consistent with his testimony.  The County Medical Examiner was one of the first witnesses to testify before the grand jury.  He explained the autopsy he conducted on Brown.”

Not much solace for the victims whose businesses and livelihoods have been damaged or destroyed.


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