Obama – I’ll Shut Down the Government if Republicans Don’t Fund Illegal Executive Order

Obama – I’ll Shut Down the Government if Republicans Don’t Fund Illegal Executive Order

Apparently President Obama thinks, with the assistance of the mainstream media, that any shut down of the government will be blamed on Republicans.  Has he forgotten that after the last shut down which he blamed on Republicans, they went on to win an unprecedented number of seats in the House, Senate and  turned some blue state governors red?

Fund my Amnesty or Else – Obama

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday that President Barack Obama will block a government budget bill if the GOP denies him the funds needed to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

“Yes,” Earnest said when asked by ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl if Obama would veto a government-wide budget that defunded the amnesty program.

If Obama blocks the budget to help the illegals, large sections of the federal government would shut down on Dec. 12.

But Earnest equivocated when he was asked if Obama would shut down the government if the GOP denies amnesty just for the immigration agency.

“I don’t believe that members of Congress or the majority of members of Congress, will go along with efforts to shut down the govern in protest over the president’s executive actions on immigration,” he said.

Any veto would be a high-risk step by Obama, because it would brand the Democratic Party as willing to shut down the government to aid several million illegal immigrants.

That could help make immigration a central issue in the 2016 election and aid the GOP candidate in critical Midwestern states, where the economy has not fully recovered from the 2008 crash.

Since 2012, public opinion has shifted sharply against Obama’s immigration policies.

GOP legislators have drafted an appropriations rider that would temporarily block spending by one agency to implement the $2 trillion amnesty.

The rider would also shield Republicans from media-magnified Democratic claims that they’re willing to shut down the government.

The rider would be added to the 12-month appropriations bill, and would prevent any expenditures needed to implement the amnesty, which largely ends immigration enforcement, grants work-permits to four million illegals and boosts the inflow of university-trained guest workers.

Another option, backed by Rep. Tom Cotton, would only approve a few months of spending by immigration agencies. The short-term funding plan would allow the new House and Senate majority to block Obama’s amnesty early 2015.

Republican legislators will meet Tuesday to hear the strategy preferred by House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Whip Steve Scalise.

At least 60 GOP legislators — including Rep. Matt Salmon and Rep. Tom Price — want to block the amnesty, and they’re being backed up by many outside conservative groups that oppose Obama.

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  1. Obama’s narcissism is showing yet again. Due to his race, he feels that no one will oppose him and be considered a racist. The GOP has to be prepared to bank the drum slowly, but thoroughly, spreading the word that the POTUS is attempting to ruin our country with his one world agenda. Go ahead and veto it, Barry. Let’s face it, if any Dem wants to be elected in 2016, they’d best stand with the minority. I, for one, will make the regime’s life miserable, BY TELLING THE TRUTH!! Let’s face it, the dems don’t know HOW to tell the truth, and their lies should have died with their shellacking in the midterm. The POTUS will close the Gvt down, and if he does? He won’t be long for this country. Illegal alien from Indonesia. ppfftt

  2. Why are Republicans afraid of a government shut down? We had one and nothing bad happened. It made Obama look small and petty when he chose to close things like the WWII Memorial. Let him veto a funding bill and see what happens.

  3. I agree. Let the muslim veto ANYTHING and people need to VETO sending anymore money to that shit infested hole.


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