Obama Administration’s Hostility Toward Transparency Doesn’t Extend to CIA Report

Obama Administration’s Hostility Toward Transparency Doesn’t Extend to CIA Report

Anyone who thinks the Democrats published their report on the CIA because they wanted to be ‘transparent’ is delusional.  Transparency is not something that this administration seems to understand.  Obama said he was for  “Change” and would use public funding in 2008, then changed his mind.  He said lobbyists would have no input in his administration, then the White House opened the doors wide for all the lobbyists and large donors.   There’s a big difference between what they say and what they do.

Scandals are scandals and renaming them doesn’t change that fact.  The complete corruption of the IRS, the agency with the power to ruin lives and bring down corporations, is a scandal.  The fact that it isn’t being covered by a corrupt media, doesn’t change the fact that it is a scandal.  When a court cannot compel this agency to be ‘transparent’ and forthcoming leads people to believe they have something to hide and it must go all the way to the top.

When the IRS gives tax return information of individuals to political operatives to be used for political purposes, then stonewalls the investigation, that is corruption, not transparency.  Apparently Senate Democrats aren’t too concerned about transparency after all.

 IRS defies order to turn over tax documents

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Back in February, President Barack Obama said the apparent targeting of conservative organizations by the IRS was not illegal or politically motivated, but rather the result of “some bone-headed decisions,” and that “not even a smidgen of corruption” was at play. A few months — and developments — later, however, the president’s words are even less believable than they were then. First, nonprofit watchdog group Cause of Action filed a Freedom of Information Act request for documents from the IRS indicating that the agency had been sharing individuals’ private tax data with the White House. (The group was trying to obtain information proving the existence of an independent investigation into alleged unauthorized access to the Koch brothers’ tax returns by former White House senior economics adviser Austan Goolsbee.) When the agency dragged its feet and ultimately denied the request, Cause of Action sued. A judge ruled in Cause of Action’s favor, ordering the IRS to turn over all of the documents by December 1.Despite the court order, however, the IRS has continued to stonewall, refusing to share the requested records. While the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) claimed initially that the IRS would comply and turn over more than 2,000 pages of documents, it abruptly reneged, saying in a letter to Cause of Action on December 1 that, yes, they did indeed have 2,043 pages of documents relating to the FOIA request, but that Cause of Action couldn’t see them due to federal privacy laws.So, if you’re keeping score at home, the IRS claimed that turning over the documents would be an invasion of privacy — despite the fact that the agency already invaded that privacy by having the documents in the first place.These new developments highlight a very cozy and, in all likelihood, very much illegal relationship between the Obama administration and the IRS. We still don’t know the full extent and depth of the IRS targeting scandal, but this case could provide evidence of coordination. For now, we are left with a ton of questions:What, exactly, was the White House doing with more than 2,000 pages of documents containing private tax data of various Americans? Is the IRS helping the Obama administration go after the “dark money” groups the president and his party have long condemned? And what are we to make of the fact that as many as 30,000 supposedly destroyed emails from former IRS Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner have suddenly turned up — emails from January 2009 through June 2011, the time period during which the IRS was ramping up its conservative targeting efforts?

See more at: http://www.reviewjournal.com/opinion/editorial-irs-defies-order-turn-over-tax-documents#sthash.AC1L0DWa.dpuf

This corruption didn’t start with the 2012 election, that’s when it became so obvious it could no longer be hiding.  It began the moment Obama took office in 2009.

In a reported published 03/17/2014…

The Internal Revenue Service campaign to target the political speech of conservative groups has been going on not since the 2012 election campaign, which has been documented abundantly, but since only months after President Obama first took office, claims a non-profit legal advocacy group.

The Thomas More Society of Chicago said it’s been fighting the feared federal agency on behalf of clients since 2009.

“For at least four years, discrimination against pro-life and conservative groups by the IRS was taking place under the direction of Lois Lerner,” said Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society.

“It is high time that a detailed investigation be conducted, and it is our hope that it will not only uncover but also help remedy the corruption within the government office of Internal Revenue Service,” Brejcha said.

WND reported that the Republican-controlled House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was focusing on Lerner, the former director of tax-exempt organizations at the IRS, as the culprit in the administration scandal targeting conservative organizations.

The committee is preparing the path for a vote to censure Lerner for taking the Fifth Amendment a second time after initially agreeing to testify at a committee hearing March 5, according to a the 141-page report.

The Thomas More Society said that in both May and August of 2013, it gave the House Committee on Ways and Means detailed memos totaling more than 500 pages with “evidence and documentation of six different groups that had experienced viewpoint-biased discrimination by the IRS, dating back to 2009.”

The organization said its memos included the details of the problems several pro-life organizations had after they applied for 501(c)3 status, including “blatant bias on the part of the IRS agents assigned to process their applications.”

The Thomas More Society said the pro-life groups repeatedly “were harassed with questions about time spent in prayer at abortion facilities and told that they must educate and advocate on abortion from both sides of the issue.”

“Several Thomas More Society clients – all pro-life organizations – experienced significant delays with their tax exemptions under Lois Lerner’s watch, through ‘exemption organization specialists’ who refused to apply tax-exempt law correctly until legal counsel got involved,” the society reported.

Sally Wagenmaker, counsel to the Thomas More Society and a specialist in non-profit issues, said in a special report that the IRS appeared to thumbing its nose at U.S. Supreme Court precedent in its actions.

“The court imposed an objective test that affirmed broad freedom of expression: ‘A court should find that an ad is the functional equivalent of express advocacy only if the ad is susceptible of no reasonable interpretation other than as an appeal to vote for or against a specific candidate.’ Accordingly, the court instructed that the focus should be on the substance of the communication at issue, not ‘amorphous considerations of intent and effect.’ In doing so, the court specifically rejected ‘the open-ended rough-and-tumble factors that could invite complex arguments.’ Furthermore, the court held that any information about the speech’s context is constitutionally irrelevant, such as its timing in relation to any election or the speech’s relevance to election issues,” she said.

The bottom line, she said, is that Americans with real concerns were stifled by the Obama administration.

“Given the specter of losing (or not getting) tax-exempt status as a result of IRS scrutiny, the inevitable logical result is that nonprofit organizations will err on the side on not engaging in potentially controversial activities. The upshot is that speech is chilled, applications are delayed, and – as our country recently learned all too clearly – the IRS is allowed to abuse its discretion,” Wagenmaker’s report said.

A new proposal from the IRS that would embed in the law its discriminatory behavior goes too far, the Thomas More Society said.

“It would behoove the IRS to abandon their new, proposed regulations,” said Brejcha. “Instead, they should pull back from undue political scrutiny of tax-exempt organizations and leave that job to the Federal Election Commission.”

WND earlier reported the House committee concluded Lerner “was keenly aware of acute political pressure to crack down on conservative-leaning organizations.”

“Not only did she seek to convey her agreement with this sentiment publicly, she went so far as to engage in a wholly inappropriate effort to circumvent federal prohibitions in order to publicize her efforts to crack down on a particular tea party applicant,” the committee said.

“She created unprecedented roadblocks for tea party organizations, worked surreptitiously to advance new Obama Administration regulations that curtail the activities of existing 501(c)(4) organizations – all the while attempting to maintain an appearance that her efforts did not appear, in her own words, ‘per  Some citizens, however, have made it clear they’ve had enough.

A lawsuit filed in Ohio by an organization called Sue the IRS seeks monetary damages or violating the Privacy Act, complying with additional demands for information about an application, loss of donors, loss of membership fees, damages for the violation of constitutional rights, damages for loss of the benefit of tax-exempt status, damages for impairment of constitutionally protected rights, punitive damages, litigation costs and more.”

The suit is spearheaded by Mark Meckler of Citizens for Self-Governance, who formerly was with the Tea Party Patriots. His group’s mission to restore self-governance to America by connecting “warriors in order to take power away from big government and the big money that influences it … and return the power to its rightful owners, the people.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/03/irs-targeting-started-when-obama-took-office/#EgrIyAlSRvrFAKfe.99






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