Nancy Pelosi Continues to Claim the CIA Lied to her Despite Evidence to the Contrary

Nancy Pelosi Continues to Claim the CIA Lied to her Despite Evidence to the Contrary

Despite the theatrics from Nancy Pelosi STILL claiming that the CIA lied to her about interrogation techniques, in the wake of the Democrat’s CIA Interrogation Report released Thursday, it is well documented that she was well aware of our legal at the time interrogation practices, to which, at the time, she had no objection to.

That is until it was decided that these practices were deemed “torture” in apparent retaliation against the Bush Administration.  For example:

From AP Archives –

Nancy Pelosi approved waterboarding in 2002

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) attended secret CIA briefings on interrogation procedures that clearly laid out the details of waterboarding and other “harsh” CIA interrogation techniques in 2002.
Pelosi and other Democratic Party members on the committee had full knowledge of waterboarding technique and queried CIA as to whether waterboarding was harsh enough to extract information. The Speaker and other attending Democratic Party committee members voiced their approval, and encouraged the CIA to go forward with their program that included water boarding according to a Washington Post article dated December 9, 2007. There are multiple accounts of Pelosi’s involvement and approval of “harsh” waterboarding techniques used on terror suspects planning and fighting against the US civilian population.

Democratic members of Congress with direct knowledge of the matter who held oversight roles during the period include Pelosi, Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), and Rep John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.VA). None of the Democrats took any action against the CIA program while they were charged with its oversight while they were responsible for oversite. A growing number of Americans believe that if there is going to be an investigation, it should start with Nancy Pelosi among others, however the Democratic Party is only interested in investigating Republicans.

Some say Pelosi is laying low now, letting Obama and Clinton attack the CIA, former President Bush and the military for fear that she will become implicated due to her direct knowledge of CIA procedures prior to it being termed “torture” by leading Democrats and Barack Obama. Obama has flip flopped on his intentions and it is now unclear what his intentions are although he has left the door open to prosecuting the people who defended the US for using such techniques approved by Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in 2002.

Before “waterboarding” became a partisan issue used by Democratic Party activists to punish the Bush Administration, key Democratic Party legislative overseers conducted 30 private briefings, many of which included detailed descriptions of the waterboarding technique and other “harsh” interrogation procedures.

Among the many Democrats who had direct knowledge, including detailed descriptions of the waterboarding technique, there was only one who questioned the procedure and that was not the Speaker.

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Pelosi “laying low”:


This also came to light in 2009 when congress was trying to pass legislation to make the congressional intelligence briefings more transparent (as part of the intelligence appropriations bill). Republicans at the time planned to bring up again Pelosi’s denial in the discussions:

Republicans accused Democrats of floating the information as a way to distract from the debate on the intelligence authorization bill, which they had hoped to use as a way to rehash Pelosi’s accusation that the CIA lied to her during a September 2002 briefing. On May 14 Pelosi said the agency intentionally misled her in a 2002 briefing on interrogation techniques used against alleged terrorist detainees.

Pelosi said she was never told about the use of waterboarding at that 2002 briefing, even though government records later revealed the detainee had been subjected to waterboarding and other enhanced techniques just weeks before her briefing. CIA documents released two months ago included notations indicating that Pelosi was informed at the 2002 briefing about waterboarding, which simulates drowning during interrogations. Republicans have suggested Pelosi has not told the truth about her knowledge and support of the enhanced interrogation technique, an allegation they plan to repeat in today’s debate on the intelligence legislation.

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