Mary Ladrieu’s 18 Year Reign in U.S. Senate Ends

Mary Ladrieu’s 18 Year Reign in U.S. Senate Ends

In the end it wasn’t even a close race.  Mary Landrieu voted and then went out to do more campaigning.  Dr. Cassidy voted and went to take care of some hospital training.  According to Mary Landrieu it was all about her close ties to the Obama Administration policies, and that was what Bill Cassidy made the centerpiece of his campaign.  However, her own conduct was also an issue.

Mary, one of nine children of  Maurice Edwin Landrieu, was 23 years old when she was first elected to the Louisiana’s House of Representatives and State Treasurer when she was only 33.  She came to the U.S. Senate at just 41.

Her father, the patriarch of one of Louisiana’s best-known political families, was actively involved in her campaign to help try to push her toward victory as did her brother the current mayor of New Orleans.   In the end, there wasn’t anything they could do to help her maintain that senate seat.

Defiant to the end, Mary Landrieu told supporters that she stood by her support for Obamacare, although it was one of the defining issues of this election cycle.

Setting a different tone, Senator Elect Cassidy said:  “We want our country to go in a conservative direction.”

The 18-year long reign of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has finally come to an end in Louisiana. In a landslide victory in Saturday’s runoff election, Republican Bill Cassidy defeated the incumbent and captured the ninth Senate seat for the GOP, capping off a victorious midterm election for his party. Cassidy pulled in 56 percent of the vote, to Landrieu’s 44 percent.

The road was rocky for Landrieu from the start. The public found out about her improper use of taxpayer funds, then the fact she doesn’t even own a home in Louisiana. Then, she dissed her constituents.

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