Hillary Clinton Speaks to Half-Empty Auditorium at Georgetown University – Speaks of Respect, Understanding and Empathy for our Enemies

Hillary Clinton Speaks to Half-Empty Auditorium at Georgetown University – Speaks of Respect, Understanding and Empathy for our Enemies

We were recently treated to a litany of Hillary Clinton’s demands for her speaking appearances.  In addition to $300,000, Hillary requests lemon slices, diet ginger ale, special pillows, humus and crudité, which are traditional French appetizers consisting of raw vegetables.  It would seem that for that kind of fee, thousands of students would be lining up for seats to be there for that kind of an event.  That may not be the case however, if the most recent speech at Georgetown University is any indication.  In a relatively small venue, a 750 seat auditorium, approximately half of the seats in the reception hall were empty.

The subject of these speeches tend to be generic and not issue specific.  At Georgetown the theme was ‘Smart Power: Security Through Inclusive Leadership.’   She has been careful not to address any of the controversial  current issues facing this country.

During that speech Hillary told the students that we should show “respect”, “understanding” and “empathy” for our enemies like ISIS, the people who want to kill us and bring the war to us. The very same people who behead babies, cut children in half, crucify teenagers, enslave women, and torture everyone.

I wonder how much respect, understanding and empathy the families of the dead and wounded victims of Nidal Malik Hasan have for him.


A spokesman for Georgetown opined that the low turnout was due to students studying for final exams.  However, the fact that Clinton founded the Institute for Women, Peace and Security at Georgetown should encourage more than 400 students to tear themselves away from their books for a couple of hours to listen to the likely 2016 Democrat presidential candidate.

This is followed by the poor showing of the Democrat candidates she campaigned for in the November election.

In late October Clinton served as the headliner at a rally for Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, who was campaigning to become the Bay State’s chief executive at the time, at the University of Maryland’s College Park campus.

When the event was over, Anthony Brown’s staff claimed there were more than a thousand supporters that came to see Hillary Clinton, but it was obvious there were far fewer than that in attendance.  The highest seats on one side of the gym were empty and so were the bleachers.

Hillary Clinton spent much of her time throughout the fall attempting to save the Senate for Democrats, with little to show for her efforts.

When UCLA attempted to ‘negotiate’ her $300,000 fee, asking, ‘could we get a reduced rate for public universities’ they were told that is the special university rate.

Though she has not yet declared her candidacy, polls continue to show her at the top of 2016 field, with Elizabeth Warren a distant second.

Given her disastrous book tour, replete with gaffs, and the lack of interest in the book itself, it may be  her 6 year campaign to replace Barack Obama is losing its luster.

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