Four Police Officers Hit by Car Driven by Ferguson Protesters in Denver

Four Police Officers Hit by Car Driven by Ferguson Protesters in Denver

Having been exposed to several days of hate filled rhetoric by Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, President Obama, and other race hustlers, who wanted to make the incident in Ferguson and in New York about Race, an ugly incident occurred in Denver, Colorado.

Hundreds of students who took the day off from East High School Wednesday to protest the Ferguson decision,  were at the scene when a car accelerated and hit four bicycle officers who had just arrived at the scene.  Following the incident there was a lot of screaming, laughing and people chanting, “Hit Them Again.”  One of the students  said that the people who were screaming taunts at the officers were not students, but adults who had joined the protest.   However other witness said there were students involved in the display of merciless cruelty.

Apparently the car went up onto the sidewalk where the officers were on bicycles.  Denver Police Protective Association issued the following statement:  “… Immediately after the horrible accident yesterday inuring four Denver police officers, several parties in the protesting group cheered and chanted ‘hit them again.’  These actions are not only reprehensible, but quite possibly the most disturbing thing this association has ever heard.”

The officer who was in critical condition,  after being struck and dragged by the car on Wednesday will need more surgery.  Police said that Officer John Adsit had a “good night” but was expected to undergo more surgeries during the day.

DENVER — During a protest Wednesday against last week’s grand jury decision in the death of Michael Brown, police officers escorting students were hit by a car — and witnesses say it was no accident, reports CBS Denver.

Four bike officers were hurt, with one — Officer John Adsit — reportedly in critical, but stable condition. He had been caught underneath the car and run over, according to the station.

Adsit had surgery for several hours on Wednesday.

500 students began marching around 10:00 a.m. — walking through downtown Denver, with police monitoring traffic during the demonstration. They gathered around the Capitol to protest the grand jury’s failure to indict Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson in the August fatal shooting of Brown.

At an intersection, the driver in a black Mercedes honked and cheered on the protesters, according to witnesses. When the police passed in front of the car, the Mercedes shot forward, hitting the four officers, dragging Adsit about 100 feet with his bike, witnesses said.

“A split second, it went from him sitting at a dead stop, the cops pulling up and it wasn’t a slow pull out, he gunned it and went straight at ’em,” witness Doug Action told the station.

Action and co-worker Luis Marin told CBS Denver they had been in traffic waiting for the crowd to pass.

“All of a sudden the black Mercedes just takes off full throttle towards the police officers and runs them over,” said Marin.

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