Americans Agree By 6 To 1 Ratio Obama Has Made America More Racist

Americans Agree By 6 To 1 Ratio Obama Has Made America More Racist

Rightfully so this poll by Bloomberg has been noticed. 55% of Americans believe since Obama has become President racism has become worse and 9% believe race relations are better.



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Poll Questions Do you think race relations have gotten better, gotten worse, or stayed about the same under the first black president? (If better, ask:) Would you say a lot better or a little better?
All White Black
3 2 7 Gotten a lot better
6 5 8 Gotten a little better
36 35 36 Stayed about the same
53 56 45 Gotten worse
2 2 4 Not sure


Since it is generally agreed Obama has increased racism, the natural question is why? That may be easy to answer. The way Obama has handled the Zimmerman trial and Ferguson indicates he is a racist himself and is encouraging others to be racists. The way he has done this is to incite racial paranoia. All you have to do is listen to him to confirm this.

Racial paranoia has been used by politicians, mostly Democrats, for over 150 years to win elections. Even though the facts indicate Blacks have no reason today to fear whites.  In the past in Democrat dominated areas Blacks had great reason to fear Whites, they were murdered by the thousands by the KKK and other Democrat Party Whites with the full approval of Democrat government officials. The murderers were not even charged for crimes because murdering Blacks was socially accepted and encouraged in heavily Democrat areas.

The roles have been reversed. Today Blacks are encouraged, with Obama and NYC Mayor Blasio being examples of this, to fear Whites, to be paranoid of Whites. What has remained constant is that the racial paranoia mongers are the same, Democrat Party politicians. The reason that Obama has made America more racist is because he has been working to make it more racist, just as George Wallace and Robert Byrd worked to make America more racist 60 years ago. The motivation is also the same. Manipulation of voters for political advantage. Nothing has changed in terms of the politics, the only thing that has changed is the target. It was Blacks now it is Whites

The American voter can put an end to this racial paranoia mongering by penalizing the racial paranoia mongers.

  1. Heywood Jablome March 7, 2015, 8:28 pm

    It’s Obama’s fault that people make the conscious choice to be racist idiots?

    Wow. He must have the power to control minds or something.

    Either that, or you’re blaming him for racists being more racist now that we have a black president.


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