AirAsia 8501 Crash Evidence So Far Makes Sense, Unlike MH-17 and Flight 370

AirAsia 8501 Crash Evidence So Far Makes Sense, Unlike MH-17 and Flight 370

Unlike the Flight 370  case which AUN-TV declared a likely theft or terrorist incident very early on, AirAsia 8501 so far does seem to be a real crash, likely from a stall in bad weather.



Local Report:

Rescue planes and helicopters sat grounded near the coast of the Indonesian island of Borneo as bad weather hampered the search for victims of the crashed AirAsia jet.

Officials were forced to suspend aerial missions as heavy rain and low visibility made it difficult to recover bodies four days after the Airbus A320-200 disappeared from the radar en route from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore.

One search and rescue official said bodies and debris were being scattered by strong currents and monsoon weather conditions.

Seven bodies have been pulled from the sea so far, another official said.


Two of those bodies were flown to Surabaya for identification.

Rescuers believe they have found the plane on the sea floor off Borneo, after sonar detected a large, dark object beneath waters near where debris and bodies were found on the surface.

Ships and planes had been searching the Java Sea for Flight QZ8501 since Sunday, when it lost contact during bad weather about 40 minutes into its flight from Surabaya to Singapore.

Some of the seven bodies which have been recovered from the sea were fully clothed, which could indicate the Airbus A320-200 was intact when it hit the water.

That would support a theory that it suffered an aerodynamic stall.

An official with Indonesia’s search and rescue agency, said earlier that one of the bodies found had been wearing a life jacket.

But he later said no victim had been recovered with a lifejacket on.

“We found a body at 8.20am and a life jacket at 10.32am so there was a time difference. This is the latest information we have,” he said.

Two bodies, in coffins bedecked with flowers and marked 001 and 002, arrived by an air force plane in Surabaya.  Read More:


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