Videos: Darren Wilson’s Interview And Michael Brown’s Stepfather’s Call For Arson and Rioting

Videos: Darren Wilson’s Interview And Michael Brown’s Stepfather’s Call For Arson and Rioting

First the ABC interview of Wilson after the verdict. He describes step by step what happened.  Everything he says was backed up by forensic evidence and most of the eye-witnesses, except for the hand in waistband comment.  The hand in waistband could have been true, but is suspect.   As a police officer Wilson knows the law and the possibility of a gun in the waistband would help him avoid an unlawful shooting rap.  The reliable witnesses said Brown’s hands were to his side.  Even some witnesses that were hostile to Wilson admitted Brown was charging Wilson and Wilson was yelling at him to stop before the fatal shot (last).

Wilson mostly missed.  Outside the car he fired 10 shots and completely missed 5, had 3 grazes to Brown’s arm, one that barely hit the chest and one fatal shot through the top of the head.  Which was was the last of 12 fired, Wilson had one shot left.  The official autopsy drawing follows:


Wilson’s poor shooting under pressure helped his legal case.  Police are trained to shoot to the center of the body, but because he pulled hard to the left on his shots, four bullets hit Brown’s right arm instead, proving that his arms were not up in the air because of where the entry and exit wounds are.  The witnesses who said Brown’s arms were up, also said things such as he was shot in the back, and shot in the back on the ground after he was dead, which was proved untrue.  Several of the witnesses hostile to Brown later admitted they were lying and changed their stories.  If Wilson was a better shot under pressure, the wounds would have been to the chest and would have made it harder to show arm location at the time of the shots.

The Wilson Interview:

We would normally not show video of the Brown family at the announcement of the verdict, but in this case Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, an ex-con who is married to Brown’s mother, called for arson and rioting.  He told the crowd to “Burn it down!” several times, which the crowd did, ruining a major portion of Ferguson.      There is a racial double standard when it comes to inciting riots.  If a KKK member said the same thing in 1955 and it caused a riot, he likely would not have been charged in a high KKK area, but if a Black person did the same he would have been arrested, due to White Privilege at that time.   Today a White person would be arrested for inciting a riot but a Black person is unlikely to be, due to Black Privilege.  So Head will likely get away with it.

Be warned it is filled with obscene language.

The result?




Why was all the evidence and witnesses that indicated Wilson was innocent withheld until after the verdict, after Louis Head called for arson and rioting?  Why was it announced at night?  Did Obama call off the National Guard so this riot could happen, by telling Governor Nixon to do so?   The way it was handled makes no sense if the objective was to prevent a riot.

There are calls for Governor Nixon to resign, because this was handled so irrationally.  The mayor of Ferguson could not reach Nixon or anyone on Nixon’s staff by phone before Ferguson burned down.  Nixon mobilized the Guard then issued a stand down order at the last minute.  Ferguson wanted the guard.  The next day they got the Guard and it was peaceful.


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