The Return of KKK Injustice And Politics With Ferguson? Grand Jury Stands Up To Pressure, No Charges

The Return of KKK Injustice And Politics With Ferguson? Grand Jury Stands Up To Pressure, No Charges

The term KKK is used a lot.  Many of those that use the term do not realize just how powerful the Ku Klux Klan was or its roots.  The KKK is the most deadly terrorist organization in American history.  They lynched about 6,000 people and terrorized millions over a period of 100 years.  The killings and terror far out weigh what al Qaeda did on 911.

The Ku Klux Klan was formed by Democrats shortly after they lost their war against the United States, known as the American Civil War.  The Confederacy and the Democrat Party were the same thing in States with large Democrat majorities.  There were  also a lot of Democrats in New York City, in effect behind enemy lines.  They rioted in support of Slavery and against Blacks during the war, murdering over 100 Black people in three days. KKK-DemocratStart

These two cartoons from the time by Democrats make their partnership with the KKK clear.

We wish to note we dislike using race terms, someone can be 50% Black and White, or like Tiger Woods have over five racial roots. We would rather not talk about race, but this story is about racism and racial paranoia, so it is unavoidable. There is a recent article by AUN about media generated racial paranoia you may find of interest here:

The first KKK was ended by the Republican’s Klan Act in the 1870s, then it was resurrected by Hollywood and President Wilson in the 1910s with the movie, “Birth of a Nation”.  It was the largest organization in America in the 1920s and largely controlled the Democrat Party at that time.  President Harry Truman was a hood wearing official member of the KKK in the 1920s.  The headline photo is a 1928 KKK march in Washington DC publically supported by many elected Democrats. In one state, Indiana, bizarrely the KKK dominated the Republican party, even though the KKK was formed to defeat Republicans.  That shows the power of propaganda that Hollywood and movies have.

What the KKK is known the most for is the racist corruption of the Rule of Law.  This is accurate.  Many and possibly most of KKK lynchings were for political reasons.   They murdered and terrorized Black people if they tired to vote.  They are believed to have killed 4,500 Black people and 1,500 White people, again mostly for political reasons, to prevent them for voting for Republicans.  It was very successful.

They also acted in a way very much like what we see in Ferguson today.  The KKK automatically took the side of a White person over a Black person in the courtroom.  White people that lynched black people were not even arrested because the police and judges were often KKK or KKK sympathizers.  If arrested the juries of White people would let murderers go even though it was clear they were guilty. Just as we see today in Ferguson, some people can only see race in a dispute, not evidence.   In the past it was Whites, today it is Blacks (both not exclusively) that are the extreme racists that automatically think the black person in a dispute is right and the White person is wrong.   It is taboo to point this out today, just as it was taboo to point out the exact same racist mob rule by Whites in racist strongholds in the past.

Everyone is worse off in Ferguson today because of the racism and mob rule.  They are in fear their homes or business may be burned down tonight.  Already many stores have been burned down or looted.   Everyone that is objective knows that if the police officer was Black and the 300 pound young store robber was White there would be no riots.  In fact most of us would have never heard of Brown and Wilson.

Just as in the days of the KKK’s partnership with the Democrat Party,  justice is suppressed and racism encouraged by some politicians.  President Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton have not shown regard for public safety or justice.  They have said things to encourage racial paranoia and to make people think justice is taking the side of a black person, no matter what the facts are.  That unless the white person is blamed, it is injustice.

Everyone knows that the jury is under pressure to indict the policeman even if they think he is innocent, just as they used to be under pressure to declare a KKK church bomber innocent, even if they thought he was guilty.  In both cases they feared riots and being personally murdered as a juror.   There have been six witnesses that say Michael Brown went for Wilson’s gun in the police SUV and that Wilson more or less has told the truth.   Why have they not been interviewed by the press?  Because they fear being murdered by “the mob” they do not want to be interviewed,  and those witnesses are Black.

The jurors are given the choice to do what is right and just, or to appease the racist mob.  If they pick justice they may feel somehow responsible for many deaths by the mob later.  As a society we have to prevent that choice, we have to take the racist mob rule riot aspect out of the equation.

How was the 20th century KKK finally killed off as a major force for injustice?  It happened when the news media finally stopped protecting the KKK and protecting Democrat politicians for their support of the KKK.   And one more major thing.  When White Privilege was challenged. Today White Privilege is not a problem.  Nor is Asian Privilege.    There is no case I am aware of where the conviction of a White person or a Asian person has touched off riots (since 1970).

It is only when a Black person is determined to be at fault that riots are feared and happen.  The problem today is Black Privilege.  Just as White’s were held to a much lower standard than Blacks, today Blacks are held to a much lower standard. It is across the board.  In the past Blacks were discriminated against in Ivy League Schools.  Today it Whites that can not get into a school, solely based on the color of their skin.  Today a Black person can say irrational racists things, such as its impossible for Black people to be racists, that Whites are devils or animals (Obama’s friend Jay-Z) and they get away with it.  They can create a Blacks only organization without the blink of an eye.  In public they can call Black people n-ggers, even on TV.   In 1950s in racist areas Whites could create Whites only clubs and call Black people n-ggers in public, without the blink of an eye.  The parallel is rather amazing.

Lets take one case in particular, NBA team owners.  One NBA team owner held a party with a privileged  (his) race only rule. Bouncers on his order excluded anyone by force except the privileged race from attending. The NBA owner did not want to be around what he considers to be an inferior race.  Who was this, was it Donald Sterling of the LA Clippers?


No it was President Obama’s close friend Jay-Z, part owner of the Brooklyn Nets

In February of 2010, Jay-Z held a lavish party at the Merah club in central London, and banned White people from attending. The party, for music industry executives, reporters, and other Jay-Z fans was for Blacks only. Bouncers were instructed to refuse entry to Whites.



Donald Sterling on the other hand does associate with other races, his girlfriend is part Black, but he was a national pariah for not wanting his girlfriend to associate with Blacks in public.


The same formula that ended the 20th century White KKK can end the New KKK, the Black KKK of the 21st century.   The mechanics are the same.  In the past Democrat politicians encouraged fear of Black people by White people, racial paranoia.  Today Democrat politicians encourage fear of White people by Black people, racial paranoia.   Just as Democrats were dependent on racial paranoia to win elections in the past they still need racial paranoia today to win elections.  That is why racial paranoia and Black Privilege is being fanned today in Ferguson.   The formula to end it is to take the profit out of racial paranoia by politicians and to make racism, by any race, uncomfortable.   It is not easy, but it can be done.

A major reason racism by Whites was suppressed in the 1970s-80s was Whites fighting against it.  There is great hope for the same formula, getting Blacks to fight against Black racism.

All races today agree Blacks are the most racist people in America (polls).  Among black Americans, 31% think most blacks are racist, while 24% consider most whites racist and 15% view most Hispanics that way.”

That 31% is clearly non-racist and is greatly needed to solve the problem.

The rest of the formula is to make the racial paranoia mongering unprofitable.   The beneficiary of racial paranoia is the Democrat Party, that is why they promote it.  If they are penalized instead of rewarded for creating racial paranoia they will stop it.  Just as they stopped anti-black racial paranoia mongering it in the 1970s and 1980s when it hurt them more than it helped him.  Just as it took bravery last time, it will take bravery this time.  The Democrat Party needs to held accountable for what they are doing.  They need to be confronted in news interviews constantly about this. 

Obama needs to be asked if he approves of Jay-Zs ultra racist views, if he agrees that White people and devils and agrees with excluding Whites from parties?  Then asked why does he publically associate with an ultra racist like Jay-Z, unless he is a racist?

All Democrat politicians need to be asked if they agree with there party’s strategy of encouraging racial paranoia to win elections.

If Democrat voters are asked by friends if they feel comfortable with the fact their party partnered with the KKK from the 1860s to the 1960s.  If the are comfortable that Democrats are responsible for almost all violent racism in the history of America, from slavery to the Cherokee Trail of Tears, to race riots against Black people to race riots against White people?    It would make the enablers of the racial paranoia mongers pay a price.  Make then think twice.

If we get this out in the open, maybe together we can defeat the new KKK and its source.  This article is my contribution to the effort.


Here is another article that documents that Black people today have no reason to be paranoid about White people:


We have listened to the press conference and it does appear the evidence indicates that Wilson has told the truth.  Several of the witnesses that claimed Wilson shot Brown in the back have retracted their testimony and admitted they did not even see the shooting, after three autopsy revealed there was no back wounds. Brown did leave blood inside the police vehicle and there was soot inside a thumb wound of Brown, indicate short range shot.  The thumb wound occurred inside the vehicle. 

This evidence collaborates Wilson’s story and refutes Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson original story.   Dorian Johnson may have prevent all the rioting and racial tensions if he just told the truth.   Johnson’s story that the much smaller Wilson grabed the 300 pound Brown around the the neck and pulled him into the window was absurd, it never made any sense. 

We finally now know 12 shots were fired., two inside the vehicle, 10 were outside.

The timing is most strange, at 8 PM.  It could have been 8am, which would be better to control rioting.

Just as what happened in the Zimmerman Trial, it appears the news media has mostly printed lies, the actual evidence is much different than most of the news media allowed the public to know up until today.

7:15 PST Update: Obama is right now it trying to discredit the Grand Jury and it indicating the Wilson was guilty in his speech.  He just talked about discrimination in the justice system.  He is still trying to encourage racial paranoia. Rioting has broke out.  Although Obama has said rioting is wrong, he is taking the side of the rioters  in his speech in terms of indicating the decision is unjust.   He could diffuse the situation, by saying the evidence indicated Brown was the aggressor and the protesters and media have had their facts wrong.  But he is not doing that. If people die in rioting outside of the killers themselves, the two people most responsible  may be Dorian Johnson and Barack Obama.  Johnson for lying about what happened and Obama for encouraging racial paranoia and mob rule.



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