ObamaCare Architect Did Not Say Americans Were Stupid, He Said Most Are Smart

ObamaCare Architect Did Not Say Americans Were Stupid, He Said Most Are Smart

Correctly much has been made of the seven (so far) videos of ObamaCare Architect Jon Gruber calling some people stupid and ignorant.  And there is also his confession that he and Obama purposely planned to prey on ignorant people to deceive and con them into ObamaCare.

One example of what he said on video:

Gruber explains that the Obama administration passed the so-called “Cadillac tax” on high-value employer health plans “by mislabeling it, calling it a tax on insurance plans rather than a tax on people, when we know it’s a tax on people who hold these insurance plans.” Americans would not support a tax on individuals, so “We just tax the insurance companies, they pass on the higher prices, it ends up being the same thing.” The deception Gruber crowed is “a very clever basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.” 

How can that Gruber statement match with the title of this article? It does.

He confesses that ObamaCare is a fraud and a con game in the videos, and that the elites of the Democrat Party like himself and Obama premeditated victimizing economically ignorant people to pass it.  But does he say the majority of Americans are stupid and ignorant?  Lets listen to him in the below video collection.

Before that we can dispel a deception campaign launched by Obama and his supporters to attempt to dishonestly pretend that the Chief Architect of ObamaCare, Jon Gruber, was not even involved with ObamaCare. 

In 2009, during the height of the debate over Obamacare, the law’s architect, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, was all over the op-ed pages, talking about how the bill would reduce the cost of health insurance.   http://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2012/03/22/how-obamacare-dramatically-increases-the-cost-of-insurance-for-young-workers/   (2012 Article)

Here is a 2011 article http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2011/11/obamacare-architect-jonathan-gruber.html 

Gruber has been acknowledged for years as the architect of ObamaCare, case closed. In fact even he admits in in the following video, and that John Kerry helped with deception tactics. 






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