Obama Humiliated In China Air Pollution Defeat, Agrees To Cut USA Jobs For Nothing In Return

Obama Humiliated In China Air Pollution Defeat,  Agrees To Cut USA Jobs For Nothing In Return

Obama has agreed to cuts in American economic activity, competitiveness and jobs in exchange for the world’s number one polluter, China, being able to dramatically increase their pollution for the next 16 years.  Under the terms Obama agreed to, China can increase dangerous forms of pollution by 100s of percent, there are no restrictions on Chinese pollution levels at all for the next 16 years.   In fact the agreement intends for Chinese pollution to increase until 2030.  The world pollution map below shows how dramatically worse Chinese pollution is than that of the United States. Ignore the two red American readings, they were fires.


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This deal is a victory for Communist Chinese industry and government, but a defeat for the health of Chinese citizens.  Pollution is so bad in China people are literally dying by the tens of thousands each week from the worst pollution in the world.  And it is one of the biggest causes of air pollution in America as scientific studies indicate that 29% of California pollution is carried in from China all the way across the Pacific Ocean.

Pollution is so extreme in China that wearing face masks to filter out part of the pollution is considered mandatory.  In spite of that, 2.8 million are believed to die from it each year. That is over 50,000 per week. This is the worst pollution problem the world has ever seen, but Obama has agreed to make it worse and kill America jobs at the same time. As you can see on the map America already has some of the cleanest air in the world.  America is not the problem, China is.  

Pollution levels are 5 to 50 times higher in China than in the USA as you can see.  Obama’s solution is to reduce American jobs and economic activity in exchange for insignificant reductions in American pollution levels and significant increases in world pollution levels. 

He could instead get China to agree to stop using the worst grades of coal, which would greatly reduce world pollution levels and create American jobs at the same time.  China manufacturing costs are greatly reduced by basically not having any pollution control costs, while American workers are put at great disadvantage due to the opposite in America.  America could simply add a tariff equal to China’s pollution control savings on products.  That would take the profit out of pollution and create an equal playing field for American workers.  Obama wants to do the opposite.


2,800,000 killed per year by China air pollution:

As China’s top officials pledge to declare war on smog, a World Health Organization report said 40 percent of the 7 million people killed by air pollution globally in 2012 lived in the region dominated by that country.

The report released today found that air pollution caused more deaths worldwide than AIDS, diabetes and road injuries combined. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan yesterday called China’s situation a regional health issue.  http://www.bloomberg.com/news//tainted-air-kills-more-than-aids-diabetes-who-report-shows.html

Obama’s deal not only means the pollution deaths will go up dramatically, but for those that believe in the CO2  global warming theory, and Obama claims to be one of them, that the number one source of CO2 pollution has a green light to increase at a rapid pace.  The only restriction on China’s extreme pollution under the Obama agreement has nothing to do with the agreement.  If hundreds of thousands start dying each week from the pollution, China’s citizens may demand an end to it.


29% of California Air Pollution From China?

Stephanie Ewing, then a postdoctoral scholar in isotope geochemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, and her colleagues wondered whether the ratios of lead isotopes in PM2.5 could quantify how much of the local pollution originated from Asia.

From December 2007 through May 2008, the researchers collected particulate pollution samples from two sites in the San Francisco Bay Area: an urban location, Chabot Observatory, as well as a coastal location, Mt. Tamalpais, where city pollution would be limited. They filtered out the PM2.5 from the samples and measured its lead isotope abundances with multiple-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (MC-ICPMS).

At both sites, levels of 208Pb jumped at the same time between March and May. This isotope spike coincided with the spring, when Asian dust storms are most intense, so the researchers concluded that 208Pb isotopes are a marker for PM2.5 from eastern Asia. When they analyzed data from the entire six-month survey, Ewing and her team found that the median proportion of Asian lead in the PM2.5 was 29%.


Why is Obama Making the Pollution Problem Worse and Killing American Jobs at the Same Time?

That is a good question.  It is bad for the Chinese people, it is bad for the American people, it is bad for America, it is bad for the environment.  Who wins?  Just the Communist Chinese Government and Chinese industry.  Was he hopelessly out negotiated?   Is their another agenda in play?

A hint to that is in how this is being reported in America.   All the important factors mentioned in this article are being ignored, or you could say censored, by media companies like Bloomberg which are seen as being “establishment” and even “controlled media” by some.  This is the same Bloomberg that reported that over 50,000 people die a week from the China air pollution crisis,  as linked above. 

Bloomberg reported the defeat as a victory in reducing Chinese pollution:

China’s decision to join with U.S. President Barack Obama in reining in greenhouse gases jump-starts the global fight against climate change, removing an excuse for inaction in developing nations.

Chinese President Xi Jinping broke ranks with India, Brazil and South Africa in setting a target for the first time to reduce fossil-fuel emissions by 2030. In turn, Obama pledged to double the pace of cutting carbon dioxide starting in 2020.  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-12/china-s-move-with-u-s-on-pollution-spurs-work-on-climate-deal.html


How is that going to help the 50,000 people dying each week now from the worst pollution problem the world has ever seen?  It will not.  In fact it means that ten years from now 75,000 or 100,000 or more will die each week from China having no pollution restrictions at all, as agreed to by Obama.  Hopefully Obama will not try to ram this through without the Constitutionally required Senate Approval.  Obama has killed so many jobs already in many states by exporting the clean coal jobs in America to create dirty coal jobs in China, it is unlikely the Senate will approve it.




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