Obama AG Nominee: Voter ID Laws Passed by Racists

Obama AG Nominee: Voter ID Laws Passed by Racists

Obama’s Attorney General Nominee: Voter ID Laws Are Racist, And Must be Stopped

Scalded by their sudden loss of the Senate, the Obama Administration is in full panic mode, trying to confirm as many nominees before Republicans take control of the upper chamber in January and shut this circus down.

One huge appointment is the replacement of disgraced (and potential Federal inmate) Attorney General Eric Holder, who resigned under an unprecedented cloud of scandal last month.

Obama knows that if he waits for a GOP Senate they will crush the new nominee with embarrassing questions about Fast and Furious, the AP and James Rosen spying scandals, and much more. So he is trying to slip in a so-called “moderate” nominee under the radar while Harry Reid still runs the show.

That nominee is Loretta Lynch, a U.S. Attorney in New York, whom the press has helpfully labeled “uncontroversial”, “moderate” and “respected” to present a narrative that she is the anti-Holder.

But a new video has surfaced that shows that Lynch is just as radical as Holder, and just as dangerous to American justice and electoral integrity.

In a speech given in Long Beach earlier this year, Lynch, specifically called out voter ID laws as passed by racist Southerners to deprive Blacks and Hispanics of the right to vote.

Read more (and video) at: http://toprightnews.com/?p=7159

For more information on Holder’s Justice Department “civil rights commitment” promised to be continued by Lynch, see AUN-TV’s article: Loretta Lynch Will Carry on Holder’s Civil Rights Legacy, Obama Says


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