Northern Carolina Board of Elections Launches an Investigation

Northern Carolina Board of Elections Launches an Investigation

Election Update:   The first case of voter fraud in New Mexico this election has been confirmed by the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s Office

According to the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s office, a voter trying to cast an early ballot in Espanola Saturday was told he had already voted three days prior.

The man told poll workers he hadn’t voted. He was then shown the signature of the voter, but he says it wasn’t his signature.

Officials say they were able to confirm that the signature on the original ballot did not match the legal voter’s signature on file.

Poll workers allowed the man to vote on a provisional ballot, but election officials will have to determine whether the provisional ballot can be counted. Elections officials have no legal means of actually verifying signatures or confirming identification of a voter.

Campaign Manager Resigns –

The Northern Carolina Board of Elections has launched an investigation into whether charges should be filed against campaign workers who violated state election laws when they were filmed telling an undercover actor, posing as an illegal immigrant, that she could vote.  Greg Amick, campaign manager for Irwin Carmichael, the Democrat candidate for Mechlenburg County Sheriff, stepped down Friday after the James O’Keefe’s nonprofit Project Veritas video exposed his role in a voter fraud scheme.


Raleigh, NC – The North Carolina Republican Party has filed a formal complaint with the State Board of Elections and the North Carolina Attorney General after an undercover video by Project Veritas showed a number of Democratic campaign workers and volunteers encouraging someone claiming to be an illegal immigrant to vote for Senator Kay Hagan.

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Claude E. Pope, Jr. issued the following statement:

“It is illegal for someone who is not a U.S. citizen to vote in North Carolina, and if this report is true, the supporters of the North Carolina Democratic Party are engaged in a troubling pattern of voter fraud in an attempt to help Senator Kay Hagan. To protect the integrity of the ballot box and our representative democracy, the state board and the attorney general owe the people of North Carolina a swift and thorough investigation.”

voter guide

In a different but related issue, volunteers for the NAACP have been instructed to stop dropping NAACP “Voter Guides” into mailboxes, since it is a federal crime to put anything without postage in a mail box.  Election/voter fraud is not new, it’s been going on for a long time, but we are just starting to see how much corruption has been taking place, and the more desperate Democrats get, the more pervasive it becomes.

In this election voter integrity groups have exposed machines that change Republican votes to Democrat votes, Democrats encouraging people to gather discarded ballots and vote them, encouraging illegal aliens to vote, illegally using mailboxes to distribute their voter guides, threatening and bullying voters with letters that threaten to expose them to their neighbors if they don’t vote, phantom voters, and using polling places to campaign beyond the outlined parameters of legality.

When groups advocate for voter integrity, this administration has brought down the full weight of the federal government to stop them.  The IRS, the DOJ, OSHA and others have initiated investigations and tried to ruin the reputations of founders and supporters of voter integrity groups.

ProJect Vertias In NC Leads to Investigation by State Board of Elections

For several years now, the Voter Integrity Project in North Carolina has been doing the heavy lifting of identifying people who should not be on North Carolina’s voter roles. VIP has even developed a tool citizens can use to see if a ‘phantom voter’ lives at their address.

So – Ask yourself, do you get mail for someone who does not live at your address? It can be as little as a few times a year you might receive mail for someone else. This may indicate a phantom voter. If you do get such mail, go to, hit the SEARCH link at the top and follow the prompts to see if you have a phantom living at your location. Then follow the steps to challenge that person on the voter rolls.

Even if you don’t get weird mail — go check out your address. You might be surprised to find a phantom in your house.

Candidate for NC House 16, Molotov Mitchell had VIP’s Jay DeLancy stop over to his house to demonstrate the site for him. They found that a phantom voter was indeed listed for Mitchell’s home address.

Josh Stein, breaks election laws and is electioneering well beyond the designated area.

With a perfectly straight face, Barack Obama recently told Al Sharpton’s National Action Network that “the real voter fraud is the people who try to deny our [voting] rights by making bogus arguments about voter fraud.” Eric Holder likewise contends, without even a hint of a grin, that voter ID laws are merely “political efforts” designed to make it “more difficult” for nonwhite minorities to “have access to the ballot.” And Hillary Clinton, too, casually dismisses voter fraud as a “phantom epidemic” that exists chiefly in the imagination of conservatives. Democrat consultant Donna Brazile puts it more colorfully, calling charges of voter fraud “a big ass lie.”

As they twist their faces into pained and pious countenances to give the appearance of passion and sincerity, these four individuals—along with all the other leading Democrats who invariably spout the same tripe—have only one significant thing in common: None of them actually believe even a word that they say about the rarity of voter fraud or the alleged injustice of voter ID requirements. In the privacy of their hearts, their efforts are devoted chiefly to refraining from laughing out loud at the absurd stupidities that they parrot ceaselessly—like Eric Holder’s claim that voter ID requirements are the equivalent of “poll taxes.” If the Democrats were honest, they would simply say the following:

We are moral crusaders who believe that the conservative vision of the world is evil beyond measure, and that our vision of an ever-expanding central government that controls the economy, regulates every aspect of people’s lives, and redistributes everyone’s wealth and property as we deem appropriate, is by far the better course. And because our objectives are so much better for humankind as a whole, we are resolutely committed to using any means at our disposal to achieve them. Thus we will deceive, lie, cheat, and steal anything—including elections. That’s why we’re not at all ashamed of playing the role of imbeciles when we promote the vapid idiocies that we cite as reasons to oppose voter ID laws.

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