New Map For Congress, Rural Areas Reject Democrats

New Map For Congress, Rural Areas Reject Democrats

This map of congress seats is rather amazing.  The utter rejection of Democrats in rural areas starkly jumps out as you view the map.  If you think this is a historically lopsided election for the House, you are right.  The greatest majority for Republicans in over 80 years.

If not for inner city failed neighborhoods with high murder rates, the Democrats would not have a chance nationwide.  

Republicans won 58% of the seats overall, but this map indicates they won well over 80% and maybe over 90% of rural districts.   Democrats did win 100% of districts dominated by failed neighborhood with high murder rates,  as is normal in recent decades.  This does cause a conflict of interest for Democrats because if they solved the problems in those neighborhoods, it would be political suicide for them.   Democrats only get 95% and higher of the vote in failed neighborhoods with dangerous streets and schools for children.

The primary strategy for Democrats in this cycle was to try and convince voters that Republicans actively desire the worst for women and blacks.  Being Democrats did so poorly indicates that the majority of voters did not buy that argument.


Decided races:



  1. I love seeing the map of America in mostly red.
    The election results are awesome.
    God Blessed America, again.

  2. You said it Roxana C!! Looking more and more like the basic principles of the Founding Father’s are looking pretty dang good to lots and lots of people. More and more people are waking up and apparently are using their “pens and phones”! So there OVOMIT, we have pens and phones too, but WE don’t break the law!!!!



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