Nevada No Longer A Swing State? First Ever 100% Sweep Statewide For Republicans

Nevada No Longer A Swing State? First Ever 100% Sweep Statewide For Republicans

Nevada has been trending Democrat for the last 6 years.  Democrats have controlled both chambers of the state legislature for years. What a change in 2014.  This was the best election statewide for Republicans ever.

The Republicans put out a press release today about the results:


  • We increased our majority in Congress over the Democrats by 13
  • At the state level we swept all six constitutional offices (Gov, Lt. Gov, SoS, AG, Treasurer, Controller)
  • We took a majority in the state Senate
  • We picked up 10 seats in the state Assembly and now have a majority
  • Never before in Nevada has one party held all constitutional offices and both chambers of legislature

It should be remembered this is a midterm election, which tend to favor Republicans as they tend to follow the news and vote more than Democrats do.  But in the 150 year history of Nevada, half the elections were midterms.

Why the huge change?

As a Nevada resident who knows many of the politicians and of course many more of the voters, will give my take.   The key was Obama.  It was a matter of the little boy who cried wolf.  Twice the townspeople came to rescue the boy.  The third time they did not come because he had not told them the truth the first two times, and the wolf ate him. In two elections after becoming president Obama told voters excuses as to why what he promised, never happened.  And twice it worked in Nevada.

The third time many of his supporters were demoralized.  They did not vote Democrat, they did not vote.  They did not want to talk about Obama any more.  Inwardly they very slowly began to see the real man, not the carefully created myth.  They are not to the point of admitting they were wrong, outwardly.  They are at the point of no longer having any enthusiasm for Obama.  They feel conned.   They are beginning to doubt whether they are competent as voters.  So they did not take the time to vote, which clobbered Democrats statewide.   This is just an observation for Nevada.  All the Obama voters I know, no longer want to talk about Obama.  If Republicans play their cards right they can pull a Reagan.  Obama is the new Carter.  He may convert many young college indoctrinated Democrats into Independents, Republicans, Libertarians and in Nevada our largest third party, the Independent American Party.

  1. More bad news for Harry Reid, what a shame. I hope he gets the message and resigns.

    • Oh heck no….we need Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid. The longer those critters stay in and screw up, the better it will be for us in 2016 but if the so called Republicans continue acting like Progressive Democrats or RINO’s, then Hillary will be President!

      The same goes for the Nevada Legislature in 2015. If Roberson, Hickey, Kerner and the Kieckhefer types continue raising taxes and act like Progressive Democrats, then Nevada will loose.

      We must hold their feet to the fire and make sure they don’t fall off the Conservative wagon.

      • Juanita, The Republican Office holders will have no excuse if they do not produce. They control things 100%, party wise, for first time ever. That is good it puts more pressure on them.

  2. I seriously believe we should thank OVOMIT for all he has done to bring the people of this country, from all walks of life, together. Never in history has any president done so much to not only have the average low rating of 39-40% but he caused 70+% of the population to unite against his policy(s). He even got his own base to go against him!

    Now all WE have to do is educate the Peeps on how to recognize “Harry” in “Heller’s” activities – Harry + Dean = RINO.


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