Is Ferguson A False Flag Operation To Generate Riots And Racism?

Is Ferguson A False Flag Operation To Generate Riots And Racism?

If we review how Ferguson has been handled by the news media and government, it indicates either a purposeful attempt to generate racial paranoia, violence and riots, or a case of incompetence and foolishness by those same two parties that is hard to fathom.


This news article is being written before the Grand Jury goes public with the decision whether or not to charge the police officer, Darren Wilson, in the shooting of  Michael Brown which took place August 9th, 2014, more than 3 months ago.  It is widely expected that unless an indictment is made deadly riots will break out.  This generates great pressure on the Grand Jury to succumb to Mob Rule instead of searching for truth and justice.  There have already been devastating riots in Ferguson because of the way the news media, government, race baiters like Al Sharpton, and  politicians have fanned the existing racial paranoia and racism of the rioters and looters.

Since the shooting the public has been kept in the dark as to how many shots were fired even though it was known within one hour.  Why?   Does it make the public more or less paranoid that a cover-up is going on?  AUN-TV wrote an article just about that issue one week after the shooting: Even the name of the officer was withheld for almost a week.

The title of this article uses the term False Flag.  If the reader is not familiar with that term, it means creating an incident to flame public outrage against an innocent party.  Wikipedia’s definition: False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.  It does not have to be the military, committing a crime to frame someone else with is a false flag.

False Flag example:  Russo-Swedish War

In 1788, the head tailor at the Royal Swedish Opera received an order to sew a number of Russian military uniforms. These were then used by the Swedes to stage an attack on Puumala, a Swedish outpost on the Russo-Swedish border, on 27 June 1788. This caused an outrage in Stockholm and impressed the Riksdag of the Estates, the Swedish national assembly, who until then had refused to agree to an offensive war against Russia. The Puumala incident allowed King Gustav III of Sweden, who lacked the constitutional authority to initiate unprovoked hostilities without the Estates’ consent, to launch the Russo-Swedish War (1788–1790).

In the Brown/Wilson case news companies such as MSNBC have done just everything they can to fan racial paranoia and mob rule.  They did the same thing in the George Zimmerman trial.  The only reason the Zimmerman trial verdict did not result in massive riots and deaths is that after the trial started the truth started coming out which totally refuted the lies told by the news media to fan racism.   Here is a video that covers how the news media tried to create a lynch mob mentality to convict Zimmerman.   Be warned this video shows the history of Democrats using the news media to generate racism and mob rule.  The purpose is not to offend Democrats.  The history of the Democrat Party is its history.

When watching the news media lynching of Zimmerman, do you notice a pattern in relation to the Ferguson coverage?

Outside of the lies, MSNBC used classical mind control and propaganda techniques. Two people repeating “No one believes Zimmerman” in about 10 seconds twice is an example of that.  Did you notice any similarity to Ferguson Coverage?

First what is the premise of the Ferguson protests, rioting and looting for the last 3 months?

It is that Black people are being killed all the time by White people, that they are in great danger from White people, especially police.  And that whites can get away with killing blacks.   In the past this was actually true.  As the video you just watched showed.  We wish to note we dislike using race terms, someone can be 50% Black and White, or like Tiger Woods have over five racial roots. We would rather not talk about race, but this story is about racism and the media encouraging racial paranoia as you just watched, so it is unavoidable. 

Back to the real dangers Black people face.  Both the Ku Klux Klan and its mother organization the Democratic Party terrorized black people for 90 years after slavery was ended.   There were over 6,000 lynchings by the Klan, roughly twice as many as died on 911.  The KKK is the most deadly terrorist organization in American history.   But that all ended 40 years ago when the majority of White people in KKK areas stopped being Democrats and re-registered as Republicans.  When they stopped being Democrats they stopped being or supporting the KKK.  That change brought about one of the greatest civil rights victories in American history.

Since then a great danger to Blacks has appeared.   It is the number one cause of death for young black males, it is being murdered.  Who is murdering them?  Almost exclusively it is Black Democrats.  In districts that vote over 90% Democrat the murder rate is 5 to 10 times higher than in swing districts.

White on Black violent crime is so rare that the federal government rounds it off to zero.  Seriously.   So what MSNBC and others are doing to generate racism and racial paranoia, to get Black people to fear White people, is getting them to fear a nonexistent danger.  At the same time those lies cause riots, hatred, and real deaths.  Unfortunately there may  be many more deaths if the Grand Jury does not do what the modern day lynch mob wants it to do.  The news media and politicians like Obama, Holder and Sharpton, by getting Black people to fear non-existent dangers, prevents the real dangers from being addressed.

Bill Whittle has a video that proves that MSNBC is lying about the danger:

How big is the real danger?  About 7,000 Black people are murdered each year. That is more that all KKK lynchings in its 90 year history of terror. 93% of them are murdered by Black people.   AUN-TV has written a two part article about the real dangers to Blacks.  Be prepared it has a great deal of news that has been censored from you:

item-thumbnailMother Jones Puts Out Absurdly False Article Which May Fan Racial Paranoia, Why? Part 1


Mother Jones Deception Part 2: What Group is Most Responsible for Murders of Blacks?

So we have established that the news media is lying to Black people to get them to be racially paranoid when it comes to  White people.  But why?   In the past racial paranoia was primarily promoted by the news media to help the Democrat Party, an example of that is the two newspaper cartoons below which helped bring about the 1898 Wilmington Race Riots that murdered about 50 Black people:



That does appear to be the same motive today, to get one race to be paranoid of another race, so they vote Democrat.  The only thing that has changed is the target has changed from Black to White people.

The primary reason the people that believe Wilson is guilty think so is the witnesses they have seen on TV say Brown was running away.  But the Washington Post has reported there are many witnesses that support Wilson’s story.  Why have we not heard from them?  Those witnesses say they think they will be killed if they tell the truth in public.

Because Wilson is white and Brown was black, the case has ignited intense debate over how police interact with African American men. But more than a half-dozen unnamed black witnesses have provided testimony to a St. Louis County grand jury that largely supports Wilson’s account of events of Aug. 9, according to several people familiar with the investigation who spoke with The Washington Post.

Back to the article title term False Flag.  Who would gain if hundreds are killed in riots across America?  It might even hurt the Democrat Party, they already have about 90% of black votes and Democrats may be blamed for the riots.

Riots have been started before as a ploy to increase the power of the government and take away citizen rights.   What happens in riots?  Martial Law is declared. 

It is generally agreed by historians that Ferdinand Marcos, the elected President of the Philippines staged rioting as a false flag operation to declare Martial Law and as a result made himself dictator for life.

Random bombings, officially attributed to communists but probably set by government agents provocateurs, occurred in Manila and other large cities. Most of these only destroyed property, but grenade explosions in the Plaza Miranda in Manila during an opposition Liberal Party rally on August 21, 1971, killed 9 people and wounded 100 (8 of the wounded were Liberal Party candidates for the Senate). Although it has never been conclusively shown who was responsible for the bombing, Marcos blamed leftists and suspended habeas corpus–a prelude to martial law. But evidence subsequently pointed, again, to government involvement.

The declaration of Martial Law would benefit those who are promoting racial paranoia in Ferguson, because of who is in the White House now.   All of the racial paranoia promoters in Ferguson are politically aligned with President Obama.  What do you think are the motives of Obama, Sharpton and MSNBC in promoting mob rule in Ferguson?  Why are people being led to believe the police officer is guilty before a trial and it is a cause for rioting if he is not indicted?   See poll below.

The chances are you have never been allowed to find out many things in this article before.  The reason is simple, news censorship to protect the powerful.  That is what AUN-TV was formed to end.

One more thing to ponder.  Al Sharpton has visited Barack Obama dozens of times in the White House. He is leading the push for racial paranoia.  Think of the timing of this and Obama’s declared plan to unconstitutionally defacto end immigration enforcement this week.  The very same week the Grand Jury is scheduled to decide on Ferguson.  Is this a diversion?  If Ferguson is burning and people are dying that would push amnesty out of the headlines.

Post Verdict Update: The Grand Jury decided not to press charges.  They did this in a way that legal experts say means they decided Officer Wilson was innocent, not that there was not enough evidence.  The results were announced at night which is bizarre.  Many buildings are burning in Ferguson and there have been over 100 gunshots so far.  The decision to announce at night would indicate either stupidity or an attempt to increase riots- a false flag.  Right now Ferguson police’s biggest problem is that can figure out where the shots are coming from due to the darkness.

The evidence was very much on Wilson’s side.  It appears Michael Brown attempted to murder Wilson by going for his pistol inside the police vehicle, before Wilson could arrest him for the robbery that Brown had committed minutes earlier.  Two shots went off inside the vehicle one wounding Brown’s thumb. This left Brown’s blood on multiple locations inside the police vehicle.  Many of the witnesses that claimed it was “hands up, don’t shoot” recanted after the 3 autopsies said otherwise and some of them admitted they did not even see the shooting. 

The witnesses that were not disproved with the forensic evidence said Brown was the aggressor outside the vehicle and Wilson only fired when Brown charged him twice and the audiotape of the shooting confirmed this, two separate bursts of fire.  A side note is Wilson fired 12 times and only hit Brown 6 times and most of them were grazes.  He had a very hard time hitting a very big target at close range. An indication of fearing for his life and having trouble functioning in a panic situation with little time, not at all shooting someone standing still with hands up..  The only evidence leaked on Wilson side that proved false was the eye socket fracture.  A great deal of evidence that backed up Wilson was withheld from the public until after the decision was announced.  If this info was put out from the beginning Ferguson would not be burning right now.  The false witnesses bear great responsibility for the arson, looting and shooting going on now.  Discounting a false flag is not easy in this case.

Here is the entire Grand Jury Report:




  1. What you said at end: The chances are you have never been allowed to find out many things in this article before. The reason is simple, news censorship to protect the powerful.

    Wow no kidding. Never heard of Wilmington Insurrection and most of your material. Thought the media was bad before, now think it is downright corrupt.

  2. Bravo, I learned so much from this article. Never knew about Swedish Russian war nor that it was started by a false flag. Nor had ever heard of the Wilmington Insurrection, that should be turned into a movie.

    Am going to send this article to others. An eye opener in regard to Democrat history. Guess the reason the Wilmington Insurrection is not known about is that it has been flat out censored.

    On Ferguson/Zimmerman, yes the same pattern, the media tells lies for months and a last moment after those lies have become believed, then the truth comes out. Many then ignore the truth as their mind has embraced the lie for so long. Hitler used same method. Hope people do pay attention to the truth so the riots do not happen.

  3. One more note, suggest reading the wiki link in this article about the Wilmington Insurrection, its mind boggling and has been hidden. The Democrat party of North Carolina finally did apologize for the racist murders and government takeover, but 100 years later. The DNC has never apologized.

  4. Agree John, what an eyeopener. I did not know about the Philippine false flag of Marcos, nor the things you mentioned. I just read about the Wilmington Insurrection as you suggested, it was a mini shooting war, a civil war and they won. They took over North Carolina.

  5. Another note from me, Just read the two stories linked in this about Mother Jones Deception. The truth is the opposite of what we have been told. I suggest reading those articles. In Oakland CA the police do not discriminate in regard to who they shoot (racially) but the NYPD does. The NYPD is much more likely to shoot a white person than a black person in the same situation. Things are the opposite than most in the media report it as on this subject.

  6. I think over the past couple of years the cops in various cities have engaged in military style training not only with helo’s but with the shutting down of neighborhoods and marching folks out of their homes at gun point looking for a perpetrator – Boston Bombing. Then there was the PA survivalist who ambushed 2 cops – city was under Marshall law for six weeks.

    Mean while in Ferguson outside agitators come to the town loot and burn it as the cops stand by. What a great opportunity with the verdict coming for more live drill training with several military vehicles owned by the cops and everybody else that has come to the party.

    Further I do believe this training will also have a number of LEO’s from other states since OVOMIT’S unconstitutional amnesty action will have a direct hard hitting impact on blacks.

  7. REALLY Great article. I think a lot of people can put Marcos together with OVOMIT.

    History is a good thing… especially when you get the REAL story!!

    Thanks Dana

    • Thank you Tuaca. The Swedish War and Marcos takeover are examples of things people are conditioned to think do not happen, but do happen. Using acknowledged historical cases that can easily be verified by readers, like those two cases opens peoples minds and puts them on guard so future false flags are detected before they start wars or riots or martial law. The massive ammo purchases by DHS and heavy duty military gear given to police lately is reason for concern indeed.

  8. It is significant to mention that as the jury verdict is expected on Friday, that Thursday Obama is giving amnesty to 5 million illegals. Additionally, there has been another school shooting. No matter how clear the sign, PEOPLE ARE JUST NOT GOING TO GET IT!!! On Wednesday the Washington Catherdral invited musloids to gather and say prayers denouncing Jesus as the Son of God; deny God by declaring Allah as the one true God, and when a woman spoke out, SHE was the one removed.

  9. Only a party of people who look down on Negroes allow this. Shame on them. You should not look down on Negroes and allow such behavior because they are Negroes.

  10. Sharpton has organized nationwide protests following the grand jury decision. 21 cities and at specific locations….listed here:

  11. The FBI arrested two men Thursday night accused of purchasing explosives they apparently planned to use during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, a law enforcement source told CBS News.

    The men, who live in the St. Louis area, are allegedly members of the new Black Panthers. They were arrested as part of an FBI undercover operation near Ferguson and intended to use the explosives in pipe bombs, the source confirmed.

    The suspects, whose names were not released, were arraigned in federal court on Friday.

  12. Again the NWO elitists get what they want. It is so sad that the people are so easily controlled. When will all the sheepeople get informed and finally understand how they are being played? Thanks Dana and AUN-TV for trying to shed some light on so many “evil” ones!

    • Hi Juanita, Thank you for you kind words. I am reading all the witness accounts now. If anyone wants the raw data, it is the story with “Full Report” in title.

      The evidence is very conclusive. The variance is in the number of shots, it was twelve and people thought it was 4 to 9. That is to be expected everyone was in danger and rapid fire it hard to count. What does not vary with the witnesses that were not proved outright liars is that Brown went into the window and punched Wilson and the gun went off after a long struggle, Brown ran away, then stopped and charged Wilson while Wilson was yelling stop. Every witness that did not make up things said that, if they saw the whole event. One witness said Wilson stood over Brown who was face down on ground and shot him several times in the back. Autopsy by Brown family and others were clear not any shots in the back.

      And yes to your point. A large portion of America is mind controlled, they do not think for themselves. It like much of the population of Japan and Germany in WW2.

      AND if the put out the evidence in August this would have been defused.

      • They (elitists) wanted Ferguson, they needed Ferguson and riots so WE stay in a state of fear and do not trust each other. The controlled media and the usual real racists, continually fan the flames of racism so the uninformed beg for more government controls and less rights. When will we ever learn?


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