Hidden Cameras, Actors and James O’Keefe Prove Voter Fraud in North Carolina OK With Democrat Officials

Hidden Cameras, Actors and James O’Keefe Prove Voter Fraud in North Carolina OK With Democrat Officials

Blatant Efforts by Workers for Democrat Senate Candidate Kay Hagan to Encourage Illegal Aliens to Vote

With the number of senate races that could change the composition of the senate from a Democrat majority to a Republican majority, voter fraud will be an element of this mid term election.

Throughout US history most voter fraud has been associated with the Democratic Party, from voting for the slaves they owned, to lynching blacks who tried to vote to the current Chicago graveyard voting scam.   O’Keefe’s video supports this motive.

Another story about voter fraud:    http://aun-tv.com/2014/10/colorado-voter-fraud-exposed-by-james-okeefe.-video/

The question is if they are illegal, how did they register to vote?  The answer is a law signed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, when he had Democrat majorities in Congress and passed the Motor Voter Law.  This law allows people to register when they get drivers licenses as long as they say they are citizens.  No proof is required.  The law was designed to facilitate voter fraud.

With a close election, it was inevitable that conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe would bring his hidden cameras and actors to North Carolina.

His goal here: Prove that political campaigns are OK with non-citizens voting in the election. In his new video, a woman poses as a Brazilian-born immigrant who asks campaign volunteers outside early voting sites if she can vote.

She admits to being in the country illegally but says she has a voter registration card. O’Keefe’s premise is riffing off a State Board of Elections audit that found 1,425 registered voters who are likely non-citizens.

O’Keefe didn’t get anyone with major campaigns to take the bait, nor does the video show any poll workers allowing noncitizens to vote. He also doesn’t show anyone in the Triangle, although the video does show O’Keefe entering a Durham County early voting site.

The people on the video are identified as affiliated with down-ballot Charlotte campaigns, including several Mecklenburg County sheriff and judicial candidates. They’re volunteers manning parking lots outside early voting sites.

“What we found here in North Carolina is almost beyond belief – campaign officials encouraging foreign citizens to vote illegally in this state’s elections,” O’Keefe says in the video.

The video prompted the N.C. Republican Party to file a formal complaint with Attorney General Roy Cooper and the N.C. Board of Elections. “If this report is true, the supporters of the North Carolina Democratic Party are engaged in a troubling pattern of voter fraud in an attempt to help Senator Kay Hagan,” GOP chairman Claude Pope said in a written statement.


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