Full Report From Wilson Grand Jury, Wilson Innocent, Brown Guilty, Riots

Full Report From Wilson Grand Jury, Wilson Innocent, Brown Guilty, Riots

Post Verdict Update:

The evidence was very much on Wilson’s side.  It appears Michael Brown attempted to murder Wilson by going for his pistol inside the police vehicle, before Wilson could arrest him for the robbery that Brown had just committed minutes earlier.  Two shots went off inside the vehicle as they struggled over the gun, one wounding Brown’s thumb. This left Brown’s blood on multiple locations inside the police vehicle.  Many of the witnesses that claimed it was “hands up, don’t shoot” recanted after the 3 autopsies said otherwise and some of them admitted they did not even see the shooting. 

The witnesses that were not disproved with the forensic evidence said Brown was the aggressor outside the vehicle and Wilson only fired when Brown charged him twice.  The audiotape of the shooting confirmed this, two separate bursts of fire.  Six of those witnesses were Black which considering the racial paranoia encouraged by the media and politicians is important.  Those witnesses did not go public because they feared being murdered by providing evidence that indicated Wilson was innocent.   A side note is Wilson fired 12 times and only hit Brown 6 times and most of them were grazes.  He had a very hard time hitting a very big target at close range. An indication of fearing for his life and having trouble functioning in a panic situation with little time, not at all shooting someone standing still with hands up.

Legal experts have said the way the decision was done indicates that the Grand Jury decided that Wilson was clearly innocent.

The only evidence leaked on Wilson side that proved false was the eye socket fracture, that was not true.  A great deal of evidence that backed up Wilson was withheld from the public until after the decision was announced.  If this info was put out from the beginning Ferguson would not be burning right now.  The false witnesses bear great responsibility for the arson, looting and shooting going on now.  Discounting a false flag is not easy in this case as evidence was withheld that made Wilson appear innocent.  And the verdict was released at night making rioting much harder to stop.  Right now buildings are burning and over 100 shots have been fired.  Other cities are having lesser problems.

This evidence collaborates Wilson’s story and refutes Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson original story.   Dorian Johnson could have prevented all the rioting and racial tensions if he just told the truth.   Johnson’s story that the much smaller Wilson grabbed the 300 pound Brown around the the neck and pulled him into the window was absurd, it never made any sense. 

If not for racism the rioting would not have happened. If Michael Brown was White, most of us would have never even heard of this case.

Here is the entire Grand Jury Report: http://apps.stlpublicradio.org/ferguson-project/evidence.html

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