Delaware Senate Race, Did Republican Pros Blow It? Compared to Kentucky, Yes

Delaware Senate Race, Did Republican Pros Blow It? Compared to Kentucky, Yes

Lets compare how effective spending money was in Delaware for Republicans to Kentucky.  In Kentucky over $80,000,000 was spent.   For this comparison we will use just the money spent by the campaigns themselves, as outside groups spent roughly the same percent in addition to the campaigns in each state and we can get more precise numbers just for the official campaigns.

What we find is amazing.

First we will look at the Delaware races.

2014 Delaware Senate Race:

Candidate Raised Spent Cash on Hand Last Report
Chris Coons (D) * $9,498,254 $8,172,003 $1,326,252 October 15, 2014
Kevin Wade (R) $63,091 $56,610 $6,246 September 30, 2014

These figures are before the election ended so we will presume they spent the cash on hand before the end, so what they raised is what we will look at.  This is amazing, Chris Coons the Democrat spent 151 times more than Kevin Wade!

How did the vote go?

Machine Absentee Total Percent
Votes Votes Votes Votes


433 of 433 Districts Reported
     CHRISTOPHER A COONS 126246 4399 130645 55 . 8 %
     KEVIN WADE 95153 3666 98819 42 . 2 %
     ANDREW GROFF 4447 113 4560 2 . 0 %

Coons got 1.32 times more votes after spending 151 times more money!  A 55.8% to 42.2% race is considered somewhat competitive if both sides spent the same amount. The Kentucky race was considered very competitive and that is why so much was spent on it, yet it was less competitive than Delaware when the votes were counted.

Lets look at the money.   Coons spent $73 per vote he got.  Wade spent $0.64 per vote he received.   What would have happened if Wade had 10% as much money as Coons instead of the less than 1% he did get?  The national Republican operations appears not to have given him one dime.


Now lets look at the 2014 Kentucky race.

2014 Kentucky Senate Race:


Candidate Raised Spent Cash on Hand Last Report
Mitch McConnell (R) * $27,956,687 $25,056,485 $2,738,176 October 15, 2014
Alison Grimes (D) $17,487,650 $15,279,548 $2,208,101 October 15, 2014


How did the vote go?


Percent Votes
56.19% 806,679
Alison Lundergan GRIMES (DEM)
40.73% 584,622
3.08% 44,230


McConnell spent $27,956,687 to get 806,679 votes.  And it should first be remembered that a Delaware seat has the same voting power as a Kentucky seat.  That is $35 per vote.  And Grimes spent $17,487,650 to get 584,622 votes, or $30 per vote, yet lost by a higher percent than Wade did, who spent $0.64 per vote.  What stands out amongst the following?  Coons spent $73 per vote, McConnell spent $35 per vote, Grimes spent $30 per vote and Wade spent $ 0.64 per vote.  Coons spent over twice as much as McConnell per vote, 151 times more than Wade yet won by about 2% less margin than McConnell.  Objectively looking at this it appears that Coons was far more venerable to defeat than Grimes was in Kentucky, yet the Republican pros threw $10s of millions to Kentucky and not one dime to Delaware.


Maybe the Republican Establishment is not as smart as the Washington Post claims.   Here is an article about that we wrote today:

It appears Delaware was easier to win for Republicans than Kentucky, per dollar spent, much easier.



  1. In Delaware they have a saying about the “Delaware Way: Their way is simply that of northeast liberal extremism. Even sorrier is what the so called DE Republican Party does in getting conservatives seated. It was telling and thoroughly disgusting what they did to C. O”Donnell. We need conservatives to stick to party creed and force the Delaware Way liberals off the enormous waste from the Federal trough. Maybe the new Congress can stop them before they do even greater waste in their “Delaware Way” Fie!


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