Barbara Boxer Unfazed by Truth Rails Against Keystone XL

Barbara Boxer Unfazed by Truth Rails Against Keystone XL

California Millionaires and Billionaires Decide Keystone Isn’t Good for the United States

According to NBC News, the most important issue to billionaire political activist Tom Steyer is ensuring that the Keystone XL Pipeline doesn’t become a reality.  He must be very happy now that Senate Democrats have refused to sign onto a bill to bring about a privately funded infrastructure project. However, that bill will reach Obama desk when Republicans gavel in to the 114th Congress.  Whether or not there will be enough Democrat Senators who care more about the economy than Obama’s agenda remains to be seen.

Tom Steyer pumped nearly $70 million of his personal wealth to back Democrats, while Democrats whine about millionaires and billionaires like the Koch Brothers affecting the outcome of elections.  

President Obama has been delaying his decision to approve the jobs-creating pipeline for much of his Presidency.  Despite reports, including one from the State Department, that there is no significant environmental impact in the building or operations of Keystone XL, the only thing left is an  ideological objections.

Obama reportedly told  Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin that he would soon make his decision “one way or the other.”  Apparently his answer is NO.

Now, Senator Boxer’s unsubstantiated claims that the pipeline causes cancer might just be the lie of the year for 2014.  Boxer claims that the pipeline will fill the air with pollutants and that this will cause “cancer” and “heart disease.”  Oil in a pipeline is worse than oil in a tanker truck driving thousands of miles how?

Democrats call the jobs created by Keystone XL ‘temporary’ jobs.  All infrastructure jobs are temporary jobs and this one is shovel ready and doesn’t need to be funded by taxpayers.  Sounds like a win-win.

 Barbara Boxer Incendiary Comments on the Senate Floor

As the senator who spoke out most forcefully against a proposed pipeline that would carry Canadian crude oil to the Gulf Coast, the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate endorsed Sen. Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) vision for a Keystone-free American economy on Tuesday night. It is worth reviewing some of the arguments which her Democratic colleagues found so compelling.

Unbeknownst to the public at large, Boxer insisted that the “XL” in the Keystone XL Pipeline really stood for “extra lethal.” She contended that the tar sands oil which Canada is exploiting, and that would be transported by a Keystone pipeline, was inordinately dirty. “It has heavy metals, it has sulfur dioxide, it has nitrogen oxide, it has particulate matter, it has carcinogens,” she insisted. Boxer did not make note of the fact that these are compounds found in or are byproducts of the combustion of almost all petroleum products.

“I want to show you a picture of a little girl,” Boxer told her colleagues. “And she has on her face an oxygen mask.” And that’s exactly what she did.


It would have been a compelling argument, had she attempted to make a causal link between the construction of Keystone and a dystopian future characterized by children forced to use assisted breathing apparatuses.

Not only would the construction of Keystone put no negative pressure on gasoline prices, an argument President Barack Obama has also made, but the California senator claimed it would have the precise opposite effect. “We’re going to see higher gas prices because of this,” Boxer insisted.

These and other comments delivered by Boxer over the course of her hours on the floor on Tuesday were equally confounding, but her most mystifying pronouncements were those in which she touted the bustling green economy of her home state.

“Ask yourself the question, is it worth exposing our people to these risks who I stood with shoulder to shoulder, and is it worth exposing the planet to these risks when we can create millions of jobs in a clean energy economy like we’re doing in my state,” she said. “And we’re going gangbusters!”

“I come from a state that is booming with hundreds of thousands of jobs with balanced budgets — clean energy future — and I come from a state that embraced cleaning up the environment and building the economy and jobs,” Boxer later added. “And they go hand in hand.”

That is a uniquely offensive rewriting of the historical record.

California’s “gangbusters” economy is one which is characterized by a 7.4 percent unemployment rate, 9.4 percent in Los Angeles alone. That is well above the national rate which is currently pegged at 5.8 percent. For a state with virtually every natural advantage you can imagine – lovely climate, industrious people, spectacular mineral wealth, and millions of acres of arable land – that is a disgrace which is due only to mismanagement.

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