After Midterm Losses Democrats’ Favorability Hits a New Low

After Midterm Losses Democrats’ Favorability Hits a New Low

Gallup: Democrats’ Popularity Hits All-Time Low

The evidence continues to mount that the midterm elections weren’t a fluke, but a wave. Gallup released survey data Tuesday showing the American people overwhelmingly want Republicans to lead the nation’s agenda by a margin of 53 to 36 percent over President Barack Obama. New Gallup data shows just how unpopular Democrats are across the board with the public.

Just 36 percent of Americans view the Democratic Party favorably, an all-time low, down from 51 percent just 2 years ago and 42 percent just last month.

Republicans, conversely, have seen a dramatic turnaround in their favorability. The GOP enjoys a 42 percent favorability rating, up from their all-time low of just 28 percent during last year’s government shutdown. Gallup has President Obama’s approval rating at 41.5 percent.


Former Speaker of the House and Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told Politico, “There was no wave of approval for the Republicans. I wish them congratulations, they won the election, but there was no wave of approval for anybody. There was an ebbing, an ebb tide, for us.” Gallup’s data suggests otherwise.

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This latest survey shows the trending decline of the party’s favorability (as well as the Republican Party’s steady increase in favorability) as seen in an October 15 Washington Post/ABC poll that showed that only 39% of Americans view the Democratic party favorably while 51% view it unfavorably.

The last time the Washington Post and ABC polled the Democratic Party, in August, 49 percent had a positive image of the party. Since then, its image his declined by 17 points among African Americans (from 82 percent favorable to 65 percent) and by 13 points among women (from 54 percent to 41 percent). As it happens, these are two of the most valuable Democratic-leaning constituencies that the party hopes will vote in high numbers in the Nov. 4 midterms.

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