The CDC/Obama Ebola Failure Continues, 2nd Texas Nurse Has Ebola, Protocols Fail Again

The CDC/Obama Ebola Failure Continues, 2nd Texas Nurse Has Ebola, Protocols Fail Again

As AUN-TV has been reporting for months the public has been lied to by Obama and the CDC about how easy the disease can be spread.  Unfortunately another nurse, Amber Vinson, 29, has been infected with Ebola.  She was part of the team at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who took care of Thomas Eric Duncan.  Duncan is the Liberian man who was allowed to fly to America with Ebola because of Obama’s refusal to quarantine air travel originating from Ebola epidemic areas.

So far the treatment of the two very ill Ebola patients, Duncan and the Spanish Priest, has resulted in three Ebola infections.  That is an infection rate of 150%, or 1.5 people have contracted Ebola for every one gravely ill Ebola patient that has been treated.  Two Ebola patients, who had mostly recovered in Africa before being flown to the USA, did not cause additional Ebola cases.  However they got Ebola by treating Ebola.

What does this say about the Ebola protocols that the CDC, WHO and Obama have claimed over and over are foolproof?  It says they are in reality very unreliable.   In the real world the failure rate of the protocols is staggering.

In addition, the unfortunately infected nurse, Amber Vinson, flew commercially shortly before her infection was detected. Not only did she fly, she called the CDC several times before flying, saying that she had a fever with a temperature of 99.5 degrees. She was applying common sense by calling the CDC, thinking she should not fly.  However the CDC said because her fever wasn’t 100.4 degrees or higher, she didn’t officially fall into the group of “high risk” and was given the okay to fly, knowing that she had been exposed to patient zero,  Thomas Eric Duncan. One health official said “somebody dropped the ball.”  Now the CDC admits their advice was wrong.  This episode is another nail in the coffin of the credibility of the CDC and Obama’s handling of Ebola. With only one to two patients to focus on, unlike Liberia with thousands, the Obama administration has made one reckless mistake after another.


Last night Bill O’Reilly  of Fox called for the resignation of CDC head Frieden.   AUN-TV not only concurs, we called for his resignation days ago.  This life and death matter has been mismanaged and arrogantly so.  He has ignored the evidence that the protocols are prone to failure, that Ebola is likely being transmitted through the air, that it is very easy to transmit, and that there are two government studies proving it can be transmitted through the air.   He blamed the first nurse for her infection with zero proof she was to blame.

We have produced a video which shows compelling evidence that it can be airborne transmitted and that the protocols are not reliable in the real world.   We ask you share this video with others.    The CDC and Obama have not been telling the truth about Ebola, you can help get the truth out.

In addition, AUN-TV has written many articles about Ebola in the last two months that predicted much of what has happened.   About the only thing we said was possible, that has not happened yet, is Ebola coming across the purposely porous southern border.  As a resource we provide links to those articles below.  There is a poll below the links.





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