Sea Of Corruption At IRS, Targeted Voter Rights Group

Sea Of Corruption At IRS, Targeted Voter Rights Group

Why Are Voters Rights Groups Threatening to the Obama  Administration?  Could it be Voter Fraud benefits Obama?

A group of volunteers concerned with election integrity came together in Texas and formed two groups, King Street Patriots and then True the Vote. In the summer of 2010, recognizing the need for increased scrutiny of the voting process, True the Vote applied for 501(c)(3) status (a charitable, non-profit, non-partisan, educational, organization making donations tax deductible) to enable them to reach out beyond their local community with their ideas.
Anticipating an answer, up or down within the statutory time period, they waited… and waited… and waited. During this time they made many inquiries as to what was holding up their status, yes or no, just give us an answer, so that if it is no we can begin the appeal process. No response was forthcoming from the IRS. Finally they contacted one of their Senators, John Cornyn, to intercede on their behalf and in 2011 he contacted the IRS in Cincinnati and was told True the Vote’s file was no longer in Cincinnati, it was in Washington, D.C. Just how did that file migrate from Cincinnati to Washington D.C. and who gave that order is speculation, but in hindsight and with the few e-mails that have been released, that becomes increasingly clear.
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Catherine Engelbrecht

Sea Of Corruption At IRS, Not The Less than Smidgeon of Corruption Obama Claimed

As the fog begins to lift we find that inquiries have been made to the IRS on behalf of many groups and anticipating an internal investigation a question is planted in a press conference and Lois Lerner talks about a few rogue agents in Cincinnati may have targeted some conservative groups by holding up the application process, but she was sorry and it wouldn’t happen again, end of story… but it wasn’t.
At that point it became clear to individuals at True the Vote and King Street Patriots, the targeting may have extended beyond those two groups and into the personal life and the business of the founder with IRS audits, OSHA investigations, FBI investigations and various other forms of intimidating behavior… a coincidence, perhaps, but not likely.

Was it bumbling rogue agents or a concerted effort to silence an organization which might be in opposition to a specific agenda?

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of True the Vote in May of 2013 to compel the IRS to make a decision on their status. Then things began to move. An offer to give tax-exempt status to True the Vote on the hope it would moot the lawsuit was extended in September of 2013. To date, the lawsuit is still pending and fully briefed before the D.C. Federal District Court.

What Is the IRS Afraid Of?

What does True the Vote do that is so threatening they needed to bring down the full force of the federal government to stop them?
The ‘Learning Management System’ which should be available by January 2015.
Online training: If you want to train as a poll watcher, grassroots activist in your state legislature, trained on best practices for voter registration drives or other related issues there are training modules.
Research Data Base:  This data base has the potential to stop  problems and issues at the local level, by identifying people who should no longer be listed on the registration rolls — or should have never been there in the first place.
VoteStand app:   VoteStand will help voters communicate problems they identify at polling places which can be used with an iPhone or Android device. If you notice a problem at a polling place, you can record and report it to True the Vote. The app activates an instant investigation and determination if local officials needed to be contacted.
One can only speculate unless and until an investigation is every really undertaken, why that threatens this Administration, but with the e-mails we have been given access to the problem seems to be at least two legislators, Congressman Elijah Cummings and Senator Chuck Schumer who have a specific problem with the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United and sought to even the score.
If you don’t take action and if you don’t care about election integrity and you don’t care about organizations like the Tea Party having equal access to the system as MoveOn has, then their effort was worthwhile.
If you do care… 

One of the ways you can thank these people who has sacrificed so much and worked so hard to preserve one of our fundamental rights, is by heeding their call. I found this message on their website and would like to share it with you.

A Message from True the Vote’s Founder

Our Republic flourishes when citizens are confident that their vote is free, fair, and secure. Yet, according to a recent survey 81% of Americans believe that election fraud is a very real problem. This growing concern jeopardizes our entire system of government; eroding our trust in elected leaders and undermining our confidence in the system by which they govern  –  beginning at the polls and rising up through the highest offices in the land.

True the Vote was established in 2009, after a small group of volunteers worked at our local polls and witnessed firsthand both the need for well-trained election workers and blatant, undeniable acts of election fraud. Since then, we’ve continued to grow – and  now we’re a national organization, providing comprehensive, state-specific programs of education, research, and support for volunteers in all 50 states.  We have empowered fellow citizens, increased public awareness, built strength for continued election improvements and reforms, and spoken out about the misleading messaging of those who insist voter fraud does not exist.  It does.

As you read through the pages of our website, we hope you will gain a better understanding of who we are and what we do. Our purpose is really very simple – to remind voters that they are the safeguards of our representative democracy. Together, we can ensure that our voting process truly does reflect the will of the People. Together, we can True the Vote.

Catherine Engelbrecht

Why is Election Integrity Important?

The election of Al Franken in Minnesota may be the result of an election that was ‘rigged’.  Recounts, suddenly found voting boxes and felons voting, gave a squeaky close election, less than 300 votes to the man who was the 60th vote on Obamacare.

Stumping for Senator Al Franken, Senator Elizabeth Warren had this to say:

“The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it,” Warren said to loud cheers.

It’s part of a three-state tour of Senate campaigns for Warren, who later Saturday headed to St. Paul for a get-out-the-vote rally on behalf of Franken, Gov. Mark Dayton (D) and other candidates. Franken and Dayton are strong favorites to win reelection next month.

The Game may have been rigged, but it wasn’t the Republicans who rigged it.

If one thinks of the cities with the worst record on voter fraud, such as Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas where votes are cast by dead people and Mickey Mouse they are all Democrat cities.   When there are more votes that citizens in a precinct they are Democrat votes.

This article is just one example:

Prosecutors in South Bend, Ind., filed charges Monday against four St. Joseph County Democratic officials and deputies as part of a multiple-felony case involving the alleged forging of Democratic presidential primary petitions in the 2008 election, which put then-candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Indiana ballot.

Update: February 3, 2012

A local Florida station invented an unprecedented way to check for voter fraud: jury excusal forms. NBC2 compiled a list of jury excusals based on not being a citizen of the United States and compared it to a list of registered voters in two counties. They discovered almost 100 illegally registered voters, many of whom had voted multiple times. “I vote every year,” one woman told NBC2, despite the fact that she is not a US citizen. The woman had told the court that she couldn’t serve on a jury because she wasn’t a US citizen, but she doesn’t seem to have a problem voting like one.

Based on the NBC2 investigation, local election offices say they’ll now request a copy of every jury excusal form where residents say they can’t serve because they’re not a citizen.

UPDATE January 9, 2012

8 Arrested for Absentee Voter Fraud in Madison County, Florida

Democrats ~ Jada Woods Williams and Abra Hill Johnson

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