School Of Jihad? ISIS Schools Teach Torture And Beheading, Video

School Of Jihad? ISIS Schools Teach Torture And Beheading, Video

The video does not show beheading, it does interview many ISIS officials involved with indoctrinating children into torture and beheading to form the Caliphate.

The ISIS schools of Jihad – a systematized indoctrination of children to acclimatize them to “holy” war – teaches school aged youths, some ten and under, the virtues of the Islamic State’s ideology. Along with the proselytization of tiny minds comes the instruction in weapons, how to fire the ISIS rifle of choice – the Russian Kalashnikov – and the proper way to behead an infidel.

The sickening schooling of children and adolescents, using the robust ISIS-driven propaganda machine that has a huge online presence, turns Syria’s and Iraq’s youngest boys into brainwashed executioners, living only to perhaps one day die as a martyr to Allah. Writes The Times of India on Oct. 23: “Forced viewings of beheadings and torture, training with weapons almost as big as they are and daily lessons in extremist theology: if you’re a boy growing up in ISIS-controlled territory across Syria and Iraq, the word education means something very different to the rest of the world.”

Calling the young boys “cubs,” children under the age of 15, drawn by the ISIS stereotype of a proud, armed freedom fighter sent by God, are recruited into Sharia camps to learn ISIS creed and religion. Those sixteen and over attend the martial camps, many of them participating in military operations, some of them never to return home. One such boy, seen at the 6:30 mark of the video, loudly touts his faith and the auspices of ISIS. “Id like to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and kill with them,” he says. He is only 14.

For us, we believe that this generation of children is the generation of the caliphate. God willing, this generation will fight infidels and the apostates – the Americans and their allies, God willing. The right doctrine has been implanted into these children. All of then love to fight for the sake of building the Islamic State, and for the sake of God. — ISIS militant

The UN Human Rights Council called the recruitment of children “deeply disturbing,” labeling the indoctrinations as a “war crime.” The report from the UN found that ISIS “has established training camps to recruit children into armed roles under the guise of education,” and, while children and families watched, ISIS has “committed torture, murder, acts tantamount to enforced disappearance, and forcible displacement… amounting to crimes against humanity.”

In the most populous areas of Syria, public executions have become the norm. The Friday spectacle draws thousands into the marketplaces and squares, some who have grown thirsty for bloodshed-  Read More:

  1. It seems to be a culture of death. Am glad I never grew up in that type of culture.


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