Pakistan Sentences Christian Mother of Five to Hang

Pakistan Sentences Christian Mother of Five to Hang

Asia Bibi Falsely Accused of Blasphemy —

Pakistan is one of the top recipients of American foreign aid – our tax dollars. Pakistan is about to execute a Christian mother of five for her faith. This cannot be allowed. Our voices must be heard. The ACLJ, The American Center for Law and Justice, is demanding action from Congress. They are also on the ground in Pakistan and working behind the scenes at the United Nations. But it doesn’t seem to be enough. She’s already suffered for five years in prison.  She has a price on her head.  Her husband and children remain in hiding.  Often in these cases, someone accused of blasphemy does not even live until their execution sentence is carried out as radicals execute the prisoner themselves. Already, two individuals, including a prominent Christian government official, have been murdered for even speaking out for Asia Bibi.

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Save Christian Mom Asia Bibi from Execution

A Christian mom has been sentenced to death in Pakistan for her faith. Asia Bibi was falsely accused of “blasphemy” – speaking against the prophet Muhammad. Now this wife and mother of five will hang for her Christian faith. She would be the first woman executed under Pakistan’s Shariah blasphemy law. This is the ultimate human rights violation. We’re mobilizing our international affiliate – the European Centre for Law and Justice – and its partner in Pakistan to stop this atrocity.
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EXCLUSIVE: I was tortured by the men who sentenced my Christian mother to death for blasphemy: Daughter of Asia Bibi, currently on death row in Pakistan reveals her hell at the hand of religious fanatics.

Two young daughters of a Pakistani Christian woman on death row for ‘blasphemy’ today told how they were tortured by a mob of religious fanatics because of their mother’s alleged comments. Asia Bibi has been sentenced to hang in Pakistan after she was accused of making disparaging remarks about the prophet Mohammed during an argument. While working as a berry picker in 2009, the 46-year-old got into a dispute with a group of Muslim women who objected to her drinking their water because, as a Christian, she was considered ‘unclean’.

As a result of the initial allegations, the family were savagely beaten by angry villagers at their house and forced to go into hiding after receiving death threats. Now, as the family launches a second court appeal against Ms Bibi’s death sentence, her husband and two daughters have spoken exclusively to MailOnline about their horrendous ordeal and their lingering hope that she will be released in time for Christmas.

Her oldest daughter, Esham Masih, who was nine years old when the family came under attack, told how she came back from school one day to find her mother being abused by a gang of men. ‘My friends told me that people were torturing my mother at the fields where she used to work,’ she said. ‘I rushed to the spot and found that she was being abused and tortured by men. They had even torn her clothes.’ Esham, now 14, ran back home to get her mother a new dress, but when she came back the gang had returned. ‘I still dream of the day she was tortured and arrested. I could not sleep properly. ‘The angry men came back and started torturing us both and tore down her clothes again. Asham said the gang called her offensive Punjabi terms that translate roughly ‘mother f*****’ and ‘sister f*****’.

When she asked one of her attackers for water, they instead smashed the glass against the wall to torment her. ‘They dragged her to the centre of the village. We both were crying but there was nobody to listen to us. ‘

After half an hour or so, the police came and my mother asked me to go and find my father, who was hiding at my uncle’s house.   ‘But he was too terrified to leave. I ran back and by that time police had taken my mother away.’

Ms Bibi’s husband, Ashiq Masih, said his other daughter, 15-year-old Esha who has special needs, had also been abused. ‘All those people who abused and tortured my wife knew me very well, but they did not respect anything,’ he told MailOnline at his house in a Christian district of Lahore. ‘They became so cruel. They even didn’t spare my daughters and tortured them. Bowing his head in shame, Mr Masih said: ‘I was so afraid that day.   ‘I do not think it could have helped her or our family if I had tried to save her that day.   ‘I might also have ended up in jail as a blasphemy-accused and there would be no one to help my daughters.’

Mr Masih, who used to work at brick kiln as a labourer in his village, said their lives have been destroyed.  ‘I was born in that village. I spent almost 45 years of my life in that village. I had so many friends in that village but I do not want to go back there.’

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The family was forced to move 5 times in the last 5 years due to the abuse they have suffered

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The shocking case hit global headlines after two prominent politicians who tried to help Ms Bibi were assassinated, one by his own bodyguard. 

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