Now They Tell Us Ebola Incubation Is 42 Days And Longer!

Now They Tell Us Ebola Incubation Is 42 Days And Longer!

It almost seems that everything the Obama Administration has said about Ebola ends up being untrue.   You can add the incubation period to that.  The CDC and Obama cast it concrete as 21 days.  WHO now says 3% of Ebola cases are 22 to 42 days and 2% longer than 42 days.  This means that 5% of people with Ebola would be released from 21 day quarantine and be able to infect others with Ebola!

A report by the WHO (World Health Organization) states:

Incubation period

The period of 42 days, with active case-finding in place, is twice the maximum incubation period for Ebola virus disease and is considered by WHO as sufficient to generate confidence in a declaration that an Ebola outbreak has ended.

Recent studies conducted in West Africa have demonstrated that 95% of confirmed cases have an incubation period in the range of 1 to 21 days; 98% have an incubation period that falls within the 1 to 42 day interval. WHO is therefore confident that detection of no new cases, with active surveillance in place, throughout this 42-day period means that an Ebola outbreak is indeed over.

The good news is that even though Nigeria is in far greater danger than America from Ebola as people can walk or drive to Nigeria from the worst infected areas and because they started with more cases than America has had, currently has no active Ebola cases.  That news is in the above link from WHO.    How did they do it?   They did it by quarantining people from Ebola areas, not allowing them to enter Nigeria.   That has saved countless lives and makes the epidemic easier to fight worldwide.  It is also the opposite of the Obama Ebola Doctrine of allowing people to fly here from Ebola areas.  Unfortunately Obama and Democrats in Congress have doubled down on wanting air travel from Ebola areas.  Being that Obama’s policy is failing and the opposite policy in countries like Great Britain and Nigeria have worked, makes it appear that Obama’s policies are driven more by not being able to admit he is wrong than doing what works.




  1. No need to worry about Ebola!

    So the DOD did a 2009 study that nano silver inhibits Ebola virus!!

    Ebola or TB?
    by Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer, M.D.
    “Diagnosing Ebola in a person who has been infected for only a few days is difficult, because the early symptoms, such as fever, are nonspecific to Ebola infection and are seen often in patients with more commonly occurring diseases, such as malaria and typhoid fever.”
    Only a sin of omission then would explain why anyone or any group would not want to specifically mention the most commonly occurring cause of infectious death in Africa — tuberculosis — whose sky-high rates in West Africa make Ebola look like a dropper-full of water squeezed into the Mississippi.
    If by October, 2014, Ebola had laid claim to what some say is 3,000-plus deaths since its February outbreak, certainly this ought to be weighed in the light of the approximately 600,000 Africans killed by TB in the same time-frame.
    Furthermore, although TB incidence is decreasing globally, incidence rates are increasing in most of West Africa1 — ground zero for the current Ebola outburst. Just as curiously, almost half of all TB cases in the West African Ebola zone are caused by an unusual, yet just as deadly member of tubercular family,Mycobacterium africanum — a strain of tuberculosis exclusive to West Africa, which is fast becoming a microbe of great public — and now possibly global concern.
    Surely the CDC is aware that there is not a sign or symptom of Ebola, including its hemorrhagic tendencies that cannot be found in acute disseminated miliary (blood-bourne) tuberculosis, once called “galloping consumption” — the single most feared form of the disease ever. And most likely it is also aware that such tuberculosis has its own viral-like forms, some of which can simulate the Ebola. Such viral TB is generally acknowledged to be TB’s preferred form — as a survival strategy to storm any inclement conditions the microbe might find itself in.2

  2. Thank You Tuaca, We are looking into your material.

  3. Tuaca, There may be a very clever and elaborate scam going on, or it is true. this is a report that looks very official.

    the 711th human performance wing actually exists. But there is no .gov link in any article, it is only sites that sell silver than have the report, and they never link to a .gov site.

    However silver is mentioned in this article with same authors at NIH site This is an official report about silver, but not about Ebola.

    It appears the report on top is a fabrication, borrowing from the NIH report I just listed. If you can find any article by the same authors about Ebola by that Air Force organization, please post link. Either it is on gov site and real or those saying it is official but never link to it or claim it was censored are making this up.

    If the article was taken down by gov, the silver sellers would say that. But they never claim there was ever a link to a gov study.

    If you can find please post.


  4. Thanks for the link Tuaca:
    For a more in depth look into that, SEE


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