Liberian Americans Use American Hotels to Quarantine Liberians!

Liberian Americans Use American Hotels to Quarantine Liberians!

AUN-TV is providing a news story from a Liberian source to illustrate what the CDC and Obama refuses to do, quarantine those coming from Liberia and others Ebola countries, is being done by Liberian Americans using American hotels and motels.  This greatly increases to danger to the public.

Following the news that a Liberian who left his home country and arrived in the United States diagnosed of the deadly Ebola Virus which has taken hundreds of lives, report say  Liberians in the United States are reportedly refusing to accommodate their relatives and friends arriving in that country either for a visit or business adventure.

According to our United States Correspondent, these US based Liberians are not making their homes accessible to family members returning from Liberia due to the fear of the current Ebola epidemic in the country. They are now providing them with hotels accommodation for twenty one days the incubation period of the deadly Ebola virus before establishing contact with their relatives.  Since the Ebola outbreak, Liberia is the most affected with the death toll from the virus estimated at 3,300 from the infected countries.  According to reports most of the individuals falling victim to the virus are health care workers that provided medical care to people infected with the virus.

The decision by Liberians residing in the United States coincides with the recent arrival of Thomas Eric Duncan who arrived in the United States recently after getting infected with the virus from Liberia. Duncan is currently fighting for his life in a Texas hospital due to complications developed after getting infected with the virus while in Liberia.

According to family sources and homes visited by our reporter in the United States, the decision to host returning relatives from Liberia in hotels is to ensure that they are clear of the virus after twenty one days of staying in an environment without direct contact with family members or relatives; ‘We are in solidarity with the people of Liberia for those of our families that are returning, we are setting these barriers to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to Liberian communities in the United States.’ The wife of a Liberian pastor whose husband returned to the United States from Liberia told our reporter. ‘

Indeed what the Liberian Americans are doing to protect their families does reduce the risk to their own families, but it greatly increases the threat to all other Americans.  What better way to spread a disease than to house them at a place where your neighbors move in and out every day or two on average, and someone else cleans you room each day?

It also illustrates the incompetence or worse of the Obama Administration that they are not quarantining Ebola area travelers for 21 days in a safe manner.  This is resulting in Liberian-Americans doing it is such a way that could spread the disease 100 times faster than if they allowed them into their own homes.


Separately the Ebola patient, Thomas Duncan, has unfortunately slipped into critical condition, which means it is likely he will die.

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