ISIS’ Army poised to take Kobani

ISIS’ Army poised to take Kobani

Obama’s White House – Airstrikes Not Meant To Prevent ISIS From Gaining Territory

Obama’s White House announced that the airstrikes were not meant to prevent ISIS from gaining territory. That’s confusing to many since they obviously haven’t targeted individual terrorists. Our involvement seems less than serious in view of the fact that ISIS is now fighting inside of Kobani, a Syrian city on the Turkish border populated by a majority of Kurdish people and it is feared that tens of thousands of Kurds will be murdered.  Now it appears that we have no desire to stop ISIS from doing whatever they plan to do.

CNN said that ISIS’ army has been hitting Kobani with tanks and heavy artillery, and is close to taking over the city, which is located near the border with Turkey. Victory would give the Islamic State, as the group is also known, territorial gains between the Turkish border and its stronghold in Raqqa, Syria, nearly 62 miles away.

“We are afraid of this. We are obliged to defend our home, our town,” said Kurdish Kobani official Idriss Nassan, who vowed to fight on. “We didn’t choose this war, but we are obliged to fight.”

Nassan added: “When I talk to people here in Kobanem they thank the international community, and the United States, they thank the countries who are striking the ISIS. But everyone believes it is not enough.”

According to the Wall Street Journal: Islamic State have apparently taken position on Mistenur Hill, a strategic vantage point that looks over the city of Kobani. Violent protests erupt in Turkey. WSJ’s Mark Kelly reports.

Turkey and the U.S. warned that a major Syrian border city was in imminent danger of falling to Islamic State, with the two countries putting the onus on the other to halt the extremist group’s advance.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pressed the U.S.-led coalition on Tuesday to move ahead with plans to arm and train Syrian and Iraqi ground forces to battle Islamic State, saying airstrikes alone weren’t enough.

An American military official said the U.S. believes the situation in the predominantly Kurdish city of Kobani is increasingly dire, and that the city is likely to fall shortly if Turkey doesn’t intervene.

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Turkey Rules Out Ground Operation

TURKEY ruled out a ground operation against Islamic State in neighbouring Syria yesterday after Britain joined calls for the country to fight militants threatening a key border town.

Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that it was “unrealistic” to expect his country to launch a ground war against the IS group on its own.

Mr Cavusoglu spoke at a news conference in Ankara with visiting Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg, who said that there is no easy solution for the town of Kobani, just inside Syria.

He said that Turkey is prepared to take on a bigger role once a deal is reached with the US-led coalition. “Turkey will not hold back from carrying out its role,” he said.

Turkish officials have said that, while they do not want Kobani to fall, they will not take on a greater role until the coalition outlines a broader strategy that also weakens Syrian president Bashar Assad, who at the moment is best positioned to benefit from any rollback of the Islamic State group.

Earlier, amid fears that the lightly armed Kurdish defenders in Kobani could be overrun by IS fighters, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon urged the government Turkey to become more involved.

“Turkey certainly could help. It is a matter for Turkey, but other allies in the region have been helping,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

“This is a situation that can only be resolved, not just by America and Britain, but by the region itself so we’d certainly like to see Turkey more involved but in the end it is a decision for their government.”

There has been growing frustration among members of the US-led coalition being assembled against IS at the reluctance of Turkey to intervene, despite having forces on the border.

Mr Fallon warned that if IS –also referred to as Isil (Islamic State in Syria and the Levant) – was not stopped, it would have severe consequences for the entire region.

“Clearly every country in the region has got to see now what it can do to contribute to dealing with Isil otherwise we will have Iraq falling apart and Syria falling apart and that is a danger to the entire region,” he said.

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