Freedom of Religion and Mosques

Freedom of Religion and Mosques

Does freedom of religion translate to mosques preaching Islamic terrorism in this country? We know that the Imam, Suhaib Wegg, had been the leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, the same mosque attended by Alton Nolen who beheaded his co-worker on Thursday of last week.

He now serves as the Imam of the mosque formerly attended by the Boston Marathon bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnev. 

Is CAIR Practicing Takeyya?
The common Moslem belief is that it is allowable to tell a falsehood on four occasions:

1st, to save one’s life;

2nd, to effect a peace or reconciliation;

3rd, to persuade a woman;

4th, on the occasion of a journey or expedition.


Obama: Rout ISIL Everywhere (Except In U.S. Mosques)

Homeland Insecurity: President Obama has vowed to “hunt down (Islamic State) terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are” in Iraq and Syria. News flash: They’re also in American mosques.

Yet Obama is not going after terrorists in radical mosques. And he’s making it harder for local governments to stop the construction of recruiting and training centers for the enemy.

In fact, as a grand jury investigates another Minneapolis mosque for radicalizing recruits for ISIL, the Justice Department is suing local officials for blocking a new extremist mosque in the area.

Attorney General Eric Holder sued St. Anthony, Minn., after the Minneapolis suburb rejected the Abu Huraira Islamic Center and its 15,000-square-foot mosque over zoning issues. Holder began investigating two years ago at the request of a radical Islamist group after his own department a few years ago named an unindicted co-conspirator in a major terrorism case.

“We applaud this decision,” the terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations said. “We urged the Department of Justice to investigate.”

Besides traffic and other problems, local citizens feared the large fundamentalist mosque — which says on its website that Muslims are instructed to fight and take “captives” in “warfare” — will “condone violence.”

It’s a valid concern.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a local grand jury is investigating the nearby Dar Al-Farooq mosque and its youth center in connection with the radicalization and recruitment of as many as 40 Muslims who have left America to fight for the Islamic State.

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There was an interview on the Megyn Kelly show on FOX News with someone who had attended the Oklahoma mosque and he gave us some interesting insights into how the radicalization may have taken place. The question is what good does it do to know what is going on, if there isn’t anything we can do about it? Knowing who these people are isn’t enough if there is no plan to stop them from doing what they do.’s-mosque-reveals-radical-teachings

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