Failure of Marxism in Cuba Intensifies, New Wave Of Mass Escapes To America

Failure of Marxism in Cuba Intensifies, New Wave Of Mass Escapes To America

First a report by the New York Times:  MIAMI — In an unexpected echo of the refugee crisis from two decades ago, a rising tide of Cubans in rickety, cobbled-together boats is fleeing the island and showing up in the waters off Florida.

Leonardo Heredia, a 24-year-old Cuban baker, for example, tried and failed to reach the shores of Florida eight times.

Last week, he and 21 friends from his Havana neighborhood gathered the combined know-how from their respective botched migrations and made a boat using a Toyota motor, scrap stainless steel and plastic foam. Guided by a pocket-size Garmin GPS, they finally made it to Florida on Mr. Heredia’s ninth attempt.

“Things that were bad in Cuba are now worse,” Mr. Heredia said. “If there was more money in Cuba to pay for the trips, everyone would go.”


Mr. Heredia is one of about 25,000 Cubans who arrived by land and sea in the United States without travel visas in the fiscal year that ended on Sept. 30, according to government figures. He, like many others, is also an unexpected throwback to a time that experts thought had long passed: the era when Cubans boarded homemade vessels built from old car parts and inner tubes, hoping for calm seas and favorable winds. As the number of Cubans attempting the voyage nearly doubled in the past two years, the number of vessels unfit for the dangerous 90-mile crossing also climbed.

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Not since the rafter crisis of 1994 has the United States received so many Cuban migrants. The increase highlights the consequences of a United States immigration policy that gives preferential treatment to Cubans and recent reforms on the island that loosened travel restrictions, and it puts a harsh spotlight on the growing frustration of a post-Fidel Castro Cuba.


More Cubans took to the sea last year than in any year since 2008, when Raúl Castro officially took power and the nation hummed with anticipation. Some experts fear that the recent spike in migration could be a harbinger of a mass exodus, and they caution that the unseaworthy vessels have already left a trail of deaths.

Wealth Inequality in Cuba

Cuba has one of the greatest wealth inequalities in the world. The only country that might have more wealth inequality is North Korea.  The below is an excerpt from an article about that:

So how much is North Korea and its people (as slaves) worth?  $100 billion would seem low.   Is Kim Jong-un in reality the richest man in the world?    On a net worth basis the only person/family who could compete, would be the royal family in Cuba, the Castros.   They, like the Kim Dynasty, have created a Marxist bloodline aristocracy.   Cuba being in the Caribbean and not being quite as backward and primitive as North Korea, is worth more in terms of the Castro’s real estate holdings.   Fidel Castro’s personal net worth is estimated at $900 million.   However his and Raul’s real estate holdings may make them the richest family in the world.

The problem for the apparent two richest families in the world, is how does one sell the land?  If the land is still within governmental control of those two Marxist Dictator families, who would feel safe buying it?

The bottom line of this extreme wealth inequality article is that if you are willing to murder people and enslave them, the best way to extreme riches seems to be as a Marxist revolutionary who gains control of a country, or being in the royal blood line of one that did it in the past.

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