Do Ebola Protocols Work For Health Care Workers? No, Failure Rate Is Extremely High: 50% to 100% So Far

Do Ebola Protocols Work For Health Care Workers? No, Failure Rate Is Extremely High: 50% to 100% So Far

What we have been told about Ebola and what has happened is a night and day difference.  The CDC, WHO, and Obama have all told us there is no danger of an Ebola patient infecting others in hospitals. That the Ebola protocols are 100% effective, that health care workers that use the protocols will not get it.  So it is safe to transport Ebola patients to countries like the USA or to Spain and treat them.  And they have been transported as a result of this policy.

Yet one hospital in Liberia had to be shut down because so many Ebola experts, doctors and nurses, died from Ebola!

AUN-TV has written an article about that:

Ebola Shuts Down The Oldest Hospital In Liberia

But in the Liberian capital Monrovia, Ebola has silenced St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital. It is completely shut.

Samuel Bowman, 72, is the medical director of the facility. When we met today outside his living quarters at the back of the hospital compound, Bowman had just heard on the radio that Father Miguel Pajares, a Spanish priest who worked at St. Joseph’s and contracted Ebola, had died in a Madrid hospital, where he’d been evacuated.

Bowman says St. Joseph’s wasn’t even supposed to treat Ebola patients, but some ended up on its wards. “In the process, our hospital director became infected by one of the patients,” Bowman says. “He has subsequently died. And those who had direct contact with him. They got infected.”

Bowman counts off on his fingers those others infected: “A brother, two sisters, two of our staff nurses, the social worker. And a laboratory technician.”


So Ebola experts, who know their lives are great risk if they do not follow the protocols exactly, died from Ebola so fast it shut down the hospital.  There were not enough Ebola experts left alive to operate the hospital.  What does that say about they Ebola protocols that the CDC and Obama says are “bulletproof”?

Common sense says the protocols are not only not bulletproof, they are generally ineffective.  So what has the CDC and WHO had to say about this?  They blame it on the dead Ebola experts.  That in Liberia they must not have actually followed the protocols.  With no evidence to back it up.

But if Ebola patients were brought to America or a Western European country like Spain, there would be no infections at hospitals, it was safe.  So Ebola Patients have been flown to the USA and Spain for treatment and one did it on his own.


How many have been brought to America or Spain, the two advanced countries that have treated Ebola patients?  The number appears to be six, but it is hard to tell as there is so much secrecy about Ebola.  If you search Google for a list of all Americans that have been infected with Ebola, there seems to be no list.  So AUN-TV will do our best to do so now.

1. The first American to catch Ebola in the outbreak is Dr. Kent Brantly. The 33-year-old family doctor from Fort Worth, Texas, was infected while treating patients in Monrovia, the nonprofit Samaritan’s Purse.


2. The second American to catch the disease in Liberia is missionary Nancy Writebol, of Charlotte, N.C. She and her husband have also been working with Samaritan’s Purse to help Ebola patients in Monrovia.


3. The third American Ebola case is 33-year-old NBC cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, was taken to Nebraska Medical Center for treatment.  He was infected after a short time in Liberia by unknown means.  Airborne infection is suspected.  He was part of a Ebola expert NBC crew led by Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC News chief medical editor and correspondent.  She apparently went on a take-out run to a restaurant in New Jersey for soup. If Snyderman did go to the restaurant, she may have placed dozens of people at risk, because Snyderman and her entire crew were supposed to be under quarantine.

Ashoka Mukpo

4.  The fourth case just happened.  A Dallas female nurse who treated Ebola patient Thomas Duncan who flew here from Liberia, has contracted Ebola.  Her name has been kept secret which makes no sense.   If Obama had shut off flights for people coming from Ebola areas, as many countries have done, this nurse would have never caught Ebola.



5.  There is a fifth case of an Ebola patient being treated in an medically advanced country, the Spanish doctor and Priest Rev. Miguel Pajares.


6. And there is a sixth case, Thomas Duncan, the Liberian that flew to Texas without showing any symptoms.   Then was treated in a Dallas hospital for Ebola.



Of these six cases that test the CDC, Obama and WHO’s assertion that the Ebola protocols totally work, only four cases that have been in a hospital long enough to tell if health workers following the protocols will get or not get Ebola.   That is Dr. Kent Brantly, Nancy Writebol, Rev. Miguel Pajares, and Thomas Duncan.  Of the four only Pajares and Duncan were in bad condition when admitted to the hospital.  For example Brantly walked into the hospital already mostly recovered fr0m Ebola.

So we have a fair test for the CDC, WHO and Obama in regard to their claims of the safety of the protocols, which they say are 100% effective.  What are the results?

Of all Ebola patients in the hospital long enough for initial Ebola cases to develop, the transmission rate per treatment is two of four, or 50%.  For severely ill Ebola patients the infection rate is 100%, the Spanish and the Dallas nurses.   It is very possible it will be more than 100%, that for every severely ill Ebola patient more than one healthy health care worker will be infected.

So the results in optimum conditions is the Ebola protocols are 0% to 50% effective.    The results are so terrible it is hard to grasp.

One way of looking at it is that would you use a parachute to skydive that has a 0% to 50% chance of opening?

The Ebola protocols are better than no protection.  How is it possible that the protocols are so ineffective?  It may because Ebola is airborne, being transmitted through the air.   The CDC, WHO and Obama claim this is impossible, yet Canadian and a USA government studies say Ebola is air transmitted.  Those studies are being hidden from the American people.

Tom Frieden the Director of the CDC has both claimed the Ebola protocols are totally effective then said in the same news conference that it is very easy to inadvertently break them and not know it.  That it is very hard to follow the protocols.  If as Frieden says the Ebola protocols are very hard to follow, then they are not effective.  His accidental double speak is irrational.  He also claims with zero evidence that he knows for sure that the Dallas nurse broke the protocols, yet says he has no idea how she got Ebola.  The truth is no one knows how she got it and if the protocols were broken or not. The infection is a mystery.  Frieden has lost so much credibility he should resign.  He was visibly shaken in his news conference as the news refutes what he has been claiming about Ebola.



  1. There was NO nurse in the containment gurney. It is EMPTY. It is all a hoax.

  2. Tell us more Tuaca. What do you think happened?

  3. The video is rather solid proof that Ebola is air-transmitted and the protocols are not working in the real world. Chuck Todd was afraid to say that. You guys are not.

  4. Quote from Dr. Horowitz

    “I’ve reprinted the U.S. Government contracts under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were bioengineered by the Army’s sixth top biological weapons contractor. At the time,” the late 1960s to mid-1970s, “such viruses were hybridized from other germs using crude laboratory methods compared to today’s sophisticated biotechnology,” the doctor said.

    The “bioweapons” strayed from their production labs in contaminated vaccines, according to the Harvard graduate’s thesis which is scheduled to be published in the esteemed scientific journal Medical Hypothesis early next year. “That publication should send a clear message to skeptics in science, as well as international leaders, that President Mbeki’s concerns are well founded in fact,” Dr. Horowitz said.

    and go to this web site —


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