Confirmation! Voting Machines Rigged for Democrats

Confirmation!  Voting Machines Rigged for Democrats

Does anyone believe it’s an accidental, or incidental calibration issue?

According to a NewsMax story:  A number of voting machines in Maryland and Illinois are electronically switching Republican votes to the Democrats, raising suspicions that fraud could be at the root of the alleged malfunction.

According to, election officials in both states have characterized the problem as a “calibration issue,” but a software developer and expert on touch screens used by U.S. intelligence agencies told Newsmax that the explanation was bogus.

The State Board of Elections today completed an audit of more than 10,000 registered voters with questionable citizenship status. The Agency analyzed data provided by the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to flag 1,425 currently registered voters who are likely non-citizens.

Then we have this statement from the North Carolina State Board of Elections:

We are working to ensure that no ballot cast by a non-citizen will count in this or any future election,” said Executive Director Kim Westbrook Strach of the State Board of Elections. “Our ongoing partnership with DMV strengthens the integrity of our elections process and security of the voter rolls.”

State Board administrators are preparing guidance instructing elections officials to challenge ballots cast by those identified as non-citizens.  The challenge process will provide notice and an opportunity for the voter to present proof of citizenship.

A private organization last week incorrectly announced that 10,000 registered voters were classified under the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals (DACA) by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The State Board has confirmed that 109 DACA recipients are presently on the voter rolls, but have not voted in any prior election.

It is a crime for any non-citizen to register or to vote in North Carolina. A county-level breakdown of registrants is available online.  As of Saturday, 6,617,536 individuals were registered to vote in North Carolina.


This election cycle we have heard of numerous instances where Republican candidates and staff enter the polls only to find their votes switched to the Democrat opponent. Now there’s proof of a massive conspiracy so large that the founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.


Cook County Board of Elections Deputy Communications Director Jim Scalzitti, told the Illinois Watchdog that, “It was a calibration error of the touch-screen on the machine.”
Now, is reporting similar evidence of electronic voter fraud in the State of Maryland, where Diebold voting machines are switching Republican votes to Democrat votes:

“When I first selected my candidate on the electronic machine, it would not put the ‘x’ on the candidate I chose — a Republican — but it would put the ‘x’ on the Democrat candidate above it,” Donna Hamilton said. “This happened multiple times with multiple selections. Every time my choice flipped from Republican to Democrat. Sometimes it required four or five tries to get the ‘x’ to stay on my real selection,” the Frederick, Md., resident said last week.

Queen Anne County Sheriff Gary Hofmann said he encountered the problem, too, personally.

“This is happening here as well. It occurred on two candidates on my machine. I am glad I checked. Many voters have reported this here as well,” Hofmann, a Republican, wrote in an email Sunday evening.

Even though election officials in both highly Democrat Party controlled states have claimed the “calibration error” excuse, a software developer and expert on touch screens used by U.S. intelligence agencies told reporters that the explanation was bogus.

“It’s a software issue, and it’s incredibly suspicious that a bug like that could slip through accidentally. It defies belief,” said Tony Heller.

“This is being used by the public for voting. Public trust is essential,” he said. “It’s completely unacceptable that an official waved it off as a calibration issue. It’s something that can be easily verified and should be.”

  1. You missed the ones in North Carolina where the machines are also switching votes. Oh wait that was switching them from Democratic to Republican. Jeez you ignorant dolt do you think it might really be a calibration error?

  2. When ex-President George Bush Jr. voted in 2012 he voted for Mitt Romney for President. No surprise. But his vote was counted for Barack Obama- in spite of Bush’s protests! This incident was captured by a local reporter in Midland, TX where both were voting. THAT is how rigged the system is!!

  3. Would love for someone to make a viral cell phone video of that

  4. Its the only way McCain gets getting re-elected

  5. Make no mistake this is a warning any cheating on this coming elections will be catastrophic! The American people are already angry make no mistake they are also armed with guns any rigging of this coming election could be met with violent and deadly force it will spark an uprising if the Democrats cheat once again and I do say Democrats it is been proven that Obama cheated his last election by having the voting machines rigged from Canada and brought into this country to vote only for Democrats no matter what button you press to vote Republican it would vote Democrat for you also going to cemeteries and gathering names and having them both Democrats is another illegal tactic that Obama did in this past election. So in my break if you cheat and your discover that cheating or reading this election in any way you will be responsible for causing either a civil or Revolutionary War

  6. This happened to me back in the 2008 election. I put in the candidate I chose, and before sending it, I looked back and it had switched to democrat! It took a few tries before I figured it had entered it correctly. I was very suspicious at the time, but let it slide, figuring by now, people would have caught it if it was intentionally happening. I was voting Independent at that election.

  7. There were places that reported like 123% reported, all democrat …… sure!

  8. Not very surprising

  9. Demand a print out. In my voting area we get a receipt that shows where your vote went. Trust me I will be yelling if my vote changes to Democrat if that’s not what I selected.


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