California Budgets $64.7 Million for 6 Months for DMV

California Budgets $64.7 Million for 6 Months for DMV

Illegal Alien Driver’s Licenses to Cost California

California will spend, according to Jerry Brown’s budget, $64.7 million dollars to hire 1,000 DMV employees during the first six months to issue illegal aliens driver’s licenses. They became eligible as a result of Assembly Bill 60 which passed and will go into effect January 1, 2015. The State has assumed a number of illegals who will apply and they are gearing up to serve that number.  Several questions come to mind, after those licenses have been issued, what will happen to 1,000 employees who have Public Employee Union Contracts with the State of California, will the licenses be clearly marked “Non Citizen” so that they cannot be used to register to vote and how many illegals will line up to give their home addresses and vital statistics?

To the surprise of probably only legislators who supported such initiatives, California is finding it really difficult convince people who aren’t living in the U.S. legally to get driver’s licenses. Because, you know, then the government would have their information.

The New York Times reported California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is hiring 1,000 new employees to handle the 1.4 million people expected to sign up for licenses beginning next year. But there’s a high level of distrust, according to the DMV, because people think they’re just going to use the information to deport people.

Those people included a 30-year-old woman who drives every day, even though she’s unlicensed, uninsured and undocumented:

Every time I buckle my seatbelt, I am afraid…

If they write something on the back of the license that says it can’t be used to deport me, then maybe I’ll get one.

Allowing unauthorized residents driver’s licenses in the state has been a contentious process that finally ended after 20 years of arguing when Gov. Jerry Brown last fall signed a bill into law that would allow them to apply.

The Times reported that Nevada’s Driver Authorization Cards, which began being issued this year in a similar attempt to license some immigrants, has registered 16,000 people out of roughly 250,000 illegal immigrants in that state.

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Now that we know that illegal alien work permit cards have been ordered, and that the deportations have slowed down to a crawl, I guess California can expect more services and higher taxes as a result of being a sanctuary state.  Driver’s licenses will allow illegals to get to and from their jobs easier, forcing more and more of the low skilled citizens out of the workforce and onto aid programs.  It seems to be a never ending cycle here in California.

  1. Claudia Lucarelli October 23, 2014, 8:09 am

    To California POVERTY is a business as their entire economy floats on government subsidy: More than 30% of the nation’s welfare recipients are Californians – even though California has just 12% of the nation’s population.  It is not surprising, therefore, that California is ranked number one in poverty. California taxes are 42% higher than Texas.

    • I would add the cost of public employee pension funds to the list of things that are costing California taxpayers. Illegal immigration, public employee pension funds and water are the three issues that seem to be unsolvable here in California.


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