500 Million Cell Phones Infected With Russian-Chinese Spyware, Flashlight Apps

500 Million Cell Phones Infected With Russian-Chinese Spyware, Flashlight Apps

There is a very good chance you are being spied on every time you use a Flashlight App on your cellphone.  When you turn the light on your location at that moment is likely being sent to people in Russia, China and India.

Not only that, software Trojans can be downloaded to your cell phone, potentially compromising your emails and more.  A cyber security expert, Gary Miliefsky, found this out because his own cell phone started acting up and his firm figured out why.  Most Flashlight apps for cell phones have the spyware built in.  If you have not downloaded a flashlight app, you should not be in danger.  Not all, but again most flashlight apps have the spyware built in and criminal motives appear to be behind it.

Bret Baier interviewed Miliefsky.  You can watch the interview below which covers the subject in detail.  This appears to be a serious security issue.  We suggest you send this article to others so they can protect themselves from this danger.

  1. Instead of the government spending their time policing whether we drink soda pop or not, and things like shutting down the Keystone pipeline I would like them to prevent things that hurt the average citizen, like the spyware and other virus things. I have wasted tens of hours getting viruses off my PC. That hurts everyone and helps no one.

    Thanks on this article, have forwarded it to friends. Fortunately never got around to installing a flashlight app, and now glad did not.


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