1st American Ebola Infection Is Ebola Expert, Further Proof We Are Being Lied To? More Secrecy

1st American Ebola Infection Is Ebola Expert, Further Proof We Are Being Lied To? More Secrecy

 Just as has happened in Spain where a medical worker in protective gear caring for Spain’s first Ebola patient became infected with Ebola, today a Texas medical worker caring for the first case in America is infected with Ebola. The first person in the United States diagnosed with Ebola, Liberia citizen Thomas Eric Duncan, died in an isolation ward of the Dallas hospital on Oct. 8, 11 days after being admitted.  Now someone (a secret as to who) caring for him at the hospital has Ebola.

Again there is counterproductive secrecy by the CDC and the “authorities”. They are hiding the identity of which health care worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has Ebola.   So everyone that has had contact with anyone that works at that Dallas hospital is in terror, instead of just those who have had contact with the new Ebola case.  We have learned it is a female nurse at the hospital, but the name is still a secret.  There has been an imperial arrogance by government “authorities” since the beginning of this crisis.  Secrecy as to the names of the patients being is just one example.

Once again the CDC’s and President Obama’s credibility is in tatters on Ebola.

They claim with 100% confidence that they understand how Ebola is transmitted, how to prevent an American outbreak and that Ebola can be safely treated in American hospitals. Both Obama and Frieden have been proven wrong on so many things about Ebola, it is obvious they do not know what they are talking about, or are lying. Obama said it was highly unlikely Ebola would come to America, just before Ebola came to America.   What have they said that has been proven true about Ebola?  Just in this short paragraph they are batting 0 for 4.

AUN-TV has been stating for months that the evidence indicates Ebola is air transmitted.   This new case is further evidence it is air transmitted.  AUN-TV has just written a story that shows both the Canadian and the USA governments did separate medical studies to determine if Ebola can be air transmitted.  Both studies proved it can and has been air transmitted: http://aun-tv.com/2014/10/ebola-proven-in-medical-studies-to-be-air-transmitted-the-studies-they-do-not-want-you-to-read/   Our government and news media is hiding these studies from the American people. Our article at that link contains both studies. Every person, not just Americans, should read that story to protect their own health.

Some good and bad news about Ebola, the good first:

Good news for the Spanish nurse:

Fernando Simon, of the Spanish Health Ministry, said that the infected nurse Teresa Romero’s viral count “appears to be getting under control”:

The viral count that Teresa has appears to be getting under control; this is a very important point, this creates high hopes that the infection is coming under control. But we have to be very careful. It is a hopeful sign but obviously a person with Ebola is always in a critical situation because of the seriousness of the disease.

The bad news is that others in Dallas are at higher risk than the mystery infected health worker.  People were exposed to Duncan’s vomit without protective gear in the ambulance and in a parking lot cleanup.  We pray they will not become infected.

The way the Ebola danger to American has been incompetently, dishonestly, and secretively  handled calls for the resignation of the CDC head, Dr. Tom Frieden, and an apology by President Obama. 


CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden blamed the unknown Ebola victim in Dallas for the infection, then admits he has no evidence to blame her.

CDCHeadDr. Tom Frieden

Dr. Tom Frieden

In a public speech Frieden, obviously nervous and shaken, announced this new Ebola case that disproves his prior assurances that health care workers treating Ebola would not get Ebola themselves.  The case is another nail in the coffin of Frieden and Obama’s claims Ebola is not airborne and is hard to get.  But instead of admitting that, he immediately said it was the victims fault for not using the protective gear correctly.  When asked how he knew that, he admitted he has no idea how she got it, but is sure it is her fault.  That is so unscientific it is grounds alone for Frieden to be fired.

Frieden is handling this the same way flat-earthers handled Christopher Columbus’ findings, he is ignoring all the hard evidence disproving his position, and inventing excuses.


CNN had this to say about this case:

She was involved in Duncan’s care after he was placed in isolation and was wearing protective gear as prescribed by the CDC: gown, gloves, mask and shield, officials said.

She is in stable condition, Texas Health Resources chief clinical officer Dan Varga said. Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, died Wednesday.

The nurse had “extensive contact” on “multiple occasions,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, the director of the CDC.

“At some point, there was a breach in protocol, and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection,” he said at a news conference Sunday. “The (Ebola treatment) protocols work. … But we know that even a single lapse or breach can result in infection.” (AUN-TV note: If they do not know of any mistake, they do not know the protocols work.  The evidence indicates the protocols do NOT work.)

Varga said someone who is a “close contact” of the nurse has been “proactively” placed in isolation.

The hazardous materials unit of the Dallas Fire Department has cleaned up and decontaminated the public areas of the health worker’s apartment complex, Mayor Mike Rawlings said. Police are keeping people out of the area and are talking to residents nearby.

“We have knocked on every door on that block,” the mayor said.

Hazardous materials units have also cleaned out the nurse’s car and will work on her apartment Sunday. http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/12/health/ebola/index.html

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