The Obama Presidency

The Obama Presidency

Writing in the Wall Street Journal on June 17, Bret Stephens, in his column entitled, “The Pace of Obama’s Disasters,” made a strange comment in passing in his otherwise excellent appraisal of the Obama administration’s foreign policy failures, which read as follows:

“…Yet when it comes to leadership, we have our very own Clement Attlee at the top, eager to subtract the burdens of international responsibility so he can get on with the only thing that really animates him, which is building social democracy at home.”

This is a common sentiment among many commentators today: Obama “doesn’t care about foreign policy.” However, a closer look at his presidency would reveal quite the opposite. Obama cares more about foreign policy than anything else, so long as it relates to Israel. This focus of his on Israel, moreover, is hardly benign; here too, it is quite the opposite. Indeed, this writer would submit that Obama’s intention to weaken our ally, Israel, is the central feature of his presidency.

Let us step back a little further into the recent past.

On Sunday, March 2nd of this year, America and the world were treated to an almost surreal spectacle.

The Russian military was poised to invade the Ukraine. 150,000 Russian troops were conducting drills on the Ukrainian frontier, and Russian special operation forces had just entered the Crimea.

In the face of the most serious direct Russian military action since the invasion of Afghanistan 35 years ago, what was the Leader of the Free World doing? Was he conferring with his top military, diplomatic, and intelligence officials on the nature of this threat, discussing possible U.S. options in response to the same? Was he demanding an emergency session of the UN Security Council to address this crisis?

No. He was giving a lengthy interview to one Jeffrey Goldberg of Bloomberg News, concerning the Israeli-Palestinian “peace process,” a charade of his own making that was near collapse, on the eve of the arrival of Israel’s PM Netanyahu. The tone of this interview was highly critical of Netanyahu, even vaguely threatening, and was clearly intended to undermine any effort by Netanyahu to defend his own position in these fruitless talks. This slap in Netanyahu’s face, the leader of America’s most important front-line ally in the war against Islamist terror, was Obama’s priority ahead of addressing the unfolding crisis in the Ukraine.

Then, about two and a half weeks later, something equally surreal occurred.

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