Obama Has Worst Average “Wrong Direction” Polls of Any President, Political Class Feels The Opposite

Obama Has Worst Average “Wrong Direction” Polls of Any President, Political Class Feels The Opposite

There have been other Presidents with low “The Nation is Going Right/Wrong Direction” polls.   However as the 10 year charts shows, Obama has considerably worse average polls than Bush, and Bush’s polls were better from 2001-to 2004 than from 2004-2008.

Several sources in the past, such as the New York Times, have said Bush’s second term had the worst “Wrong Direction” polls ever.  Now that distinction belongs to Obama.


Another polling group, Rasmussen, has interesting data on the same question.  There are two groups that believe things are going well.   That is despite an all time record percent of 30 year olds forced to live in their parents homes, due to the extremely poor job market, and the international situation falling apart (Ukraine, ISIS, Israel, etc.).

There is only one group that thinks things are really going well.  They are the ones that are in control, The Political Class.

Sixty-three percent (63%) of the Political Class say the country today is headed in the right direction, while 78% of Mainstream voters say the country is headed down the wrong track.

The Political Class are the “elites” of our society.  That is elected politicians, their staffs, government bureaucrats/officials, officials of the political parties, campaign managers, and news reporters.

As Berlin was falling in 1945 to the Soviets, likely if a poll was taken, it would have been the German “political class” that would have been given the highest ratings on direction because that political class was running things, just as ours is today in America.

Eighty-seven percent (87%) of Republicans and seventy (70%) of voters not affiliated with either major political party think the country is on the wrong track. Democrats are evenly divided.

The only other group with positive ratings for direction, besides the Political  Class, is Blacks.  It is a know fact that Blacks have suffered worse than the general population under Obama, with a greater gap in terms of unemployment now than when Obama took office, being just one example.  Even NAACP President Benjamin Jealous says that Black Americans “are doing a full point worse” than when President Obama first took office.

The disconnect is easy to explain.  It is bias, it is racism.   Just as Republicans always rate Republican Presidents higher than Democrats, and the same thing for Democrats, Obama is getting a free ride with Blacks, due to his skin color.  Americans of all races agree that Blacks are the most racist group in American today. www.rasmussenreports.com-Americans_view_blacks_as_MostRacist    In 1950 such a poll likely would have rated Whites as the most racist.   Hats off to the Blacks in that poll being so honest as to rate Blacks the most racist group.  That takes admirable objectivity, which is part of the solution to problems.

Blacks now think the country is headed in the right direction by a 47% to 36% margin. Seventy-two percent (72%) of whites and fifty-four (54%) of other minority voters think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Obama’s Right/Wrong Direction ratings would likely be even worse, if not for racism.


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