Kerry Compares Threat of Climate Change to that of ISIS and Ebola

Kerry Compares Threat of Climate Change to that of ISIS and Ebola

Before Obama headed to the U.N. to deliver a speech on global warming at its annual Climate Summit,  John Kerry was prerequisiting the talking points with his own address during a meeting with foreign ministers on Sunday:



“We see people fighting over water in some places. There are huge challenges to food security and challenges to the ecosystem, our fisheries and … the acidification of the ocean is a challenge for all of us.”

“And when you accrue all of this, while we are confronting ISIL and we are confronting terrorism and we are confronting Ebola and other things, those are immediate.”

“This also has an immediacy that people need to come to understand, but it has even greater longer-term consequences that can cost hundreds of billions, trillions of dollars, lives, and the security of the world.”


As an editorial in the Wall Street Journal pointed out this weekend, and as many have over the course of the “debate”, the science on man-made global warming is far from settled yet this “fact” that it IS settled along with the not so consensual consensus is what is continuously narrated to the public.  The “urgency” of the situation is the focus now and the propaganda appears to be working:

A new Rasmussen poll out yesterday showed that 48% of Americans agree we must take immediate action to stop global warming. This while at the same time only 20% think the global warming debate is over and most agree that “an international agreement to fight global warming is more likely to hurt rather than help the U.S. economy, but they still tend to favor such an agreement even if it dictates to businesses in this country how they must operate.”

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