Insiders Come Forward, Proof of Benghazi Stand Down Order, It was Obama

Insiders Come Forward, Proof of Benghazi Stand Down Order, It was Obama

This story is being censored by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC.

Yesterday on Fox, three of the front line fighters for the USA at Benghazi, came forward. They verified that three separate stand down orders were given that prevented a rescue of the Benghazi Consulate.

Those same men say that likely all four Americans that died that day, would not of died if not for those stand down orders. A stand down order means to do nothing.  In this case it means to abandon Ambassador Stevens and his guards, even though they were less than a mile away, and could have been saved.   This is proof of another major lie by Obama, he has claimed for two years that no stand down order was given.


The USA fighters were private guards hired by the CIA to protect their officers at Benghazi.  The stand down orders were a de facto death sentences for the Americans at the consulate.  The American guards eventually decided to disobey orders and do a rescue, by themselves.  It worked and they saved some, but due to the three stand down orders,  Ambassador Stevens was gone by the time they got there.


Friday Bret Baier and Fox News put out a news special on this that goes into great detail.  We highly recommend viewing the whole special.  AUN-TV has pulled some highlights from that special in the following video so that this article can better be understood.


As you have just heard, the stand down order was given three times, which means that Obama and the White House has been lying for two years about this.  Within the USA military, this is general knowledge.

This is one of the reasons that Obama is the least trusted President ever by our military, as reported in this article:

The title of this article states “It was Obama”.  It inherently makes sense that the order was given by Obama to stand down or abandon Stevens and his guards.   Retired USA Army Generals have come forward and said that Obama, almost for sure, gave the order.   The way that Obama has handled this indicates he gave the order.  He loves to blame other people, as even he jokes about.  There is not the slightest evidence that anyone but Obama gave the stand down order.

The revelations by the on the ground insiders, Mark Geist, Kris Paronto, and John Tiegen, reinforce even more that Obama has lied about the stand down orders and is the likely culprit who gave them.   There is more,  AUN-TV was contacted in the last 8 months by a US military person in person.  That person did not reveal a name.   That person was aware of AUN-TV’s mission and thought we might report something others would not.

What he revealed was that a very high ranking US military officer he was close to said that a very specialized order went out, because everyone wanted to rescue Stevens and his associates.  The White House was getting push back because others thought the stand down order was a death sentence.  Not only that,  a rescue was easy if they tried as Geist, Paranto and Tiegen have confirmed to the public now.  So the stand down order was basically insane if Obama was on the side of America.  So a specialized order, for which I forget the name he gave it, went out that can only be given by the POTUS, the President.  On Nuclear launches, there is a similar protocol.

In light of the new revelations, and using common sense, there is no reason to doubt that military person that provided this information.  That person also mentioned that the upper brass in our military is very distrustful of Obama because they know he gave that stand down order.




  1. The same template was used in Ferguson to deny deployment of the national guard : the only person who can give the order takes themselves out of the chain — unavailable, AWOL, thus nothing proceeds, thus, unexplainable inaction, whereabouts of crucial decision maker unknown long after the event, all with one phone call and making one scarce at time they are needed most. Speculation, and what the left call ‘chatter’ is left to those who don ‘t like it. They can go outside, and kick rocks.


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