French Socialist President Francois Hollande Mocks the Poor, In Private

French Socialist President Francois Hollande Mocks the Poor, In Private
French President Francois  Hollande has been humiliated by his former lover and first lady, who has portrayed him as a hypocrite who dislikes the poor.

Valerie Trierweiler attacks Socialist Mr Hollande in an intimate memoir.

The 49-year-old journalist describes the collapse of their nine-year affair after a  gossip magazine published pictures of Mr Hollande visiting his mistress on a moped.

And she reveals he sent her 29 texts in one day trying to win her back – while still seeing his lover, TV actress Julie Gayet.

The book, Thank You For This Moment, has sent shockwaves through France, where politicians’ private lives are not publicly aired.

Miss Trierweiler received an advance of some £70,000 for the first kiss-and-tell account of a serving head of state.

Extracts detailing the ‘cruelty’ of a ‘passionate, possessive and mad’ affair appeared yesterday in Paris Match magazine.

But the most damaging claim is that Mr Hollande is a snob who mocks the poor.

Miss Trierweiler, whose maiden name is Massonneau, recalls spending Christmas with her working-class family.

She writes that Mr Hollande quipped: ‘They’re not very nice, the Massonneau family.’

She says her family ‘is so typical of his electors’, adding: ‘He stood for election as a man who does not like the rich. In reality, the President does not like the poor. He, the man of the Left, calls them the toothless ones. He’s very proud of his humour.’  

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