DevilHornGate? Obama Speech Background Effect Noticed

DevilHornGate? Obama Speech Background Effect Noticed

His speech was on an important topic.  On social media a devil horn effect in Obama’s official photos, has caught possibly as much attention as the content of his speech.   The picture on the left explains it all.

Obama is noted for grandiose symbolic backgrounds for his speeches.   The most extreme example was his Democratic Nomination Speech in Denver in 2008. 






One British newspaper had this to say at the time:

Obama God! Democrats build a temple for Barack

Barack Obama was mocked in the American press yesterday for making the most important speech of his life on a set decked out like an ancient temple.

Finally nominated as the first black candidate for the U.S. presidency, he moved the Democratic Party Convention from the conference hall to an 80,000-seater football stadium for his landmark address.

His challenge was to turn his trademark soaring rhetoric into simple ideas to improve the lives of hard-pressed American families. But the Greek pillars of his backdrop prompted ridicule before he stood up to speak early today.


The New York Post portrayed him mocked up in the style of Frankie Howerd’s toga-clad TV romp Up Pompeii!, threatening to tip this historic moment into bathos – the Greek term for dignity descending into farce.  Read more:


Others have claimed it was a Satanic Temple, or Pergamon Altar, and go into great detail as to why they say that.  The following video on YouTube provides an example of, and has 40,000 views.    AUN-TV takes no position on this issue.  Just noting this is a hot conversation topic in social media right now.



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