Constitutional Convention, Is It a Good Idea for Conservatives and Libertarians? Video of Debate By Mark Meckler and Janine Hansen

Constitutional Convention, Is It a Good Idea for Conservatives and Libertarians? Video of Debate By Mark Meckler and Janine Hansen

On September 24, 2014, a key opponent to calling a Constitutional Convention, Janine Hansen, the Constitutional Chair of Eagle Forum and President of Nevada Families for Freedom (, and a key proponent of a Constitutional Convention, Mark Meckler the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots and President of Citizens for Self-Governance (, debated the issue in a 90-minute meeting of the Reno Conservative Lunch forum.

A Constitutional Convention is also sometimes called a Convention of States. This is currently a hot issue. Both debaters are acknowledged as key people on this issue and as expert debaters.

What brought this issue about was talk show host Mark Levin’s book about what he calls the Liberty Amendments.

If you want to know both sides of this issue, this video is an excellent source. Due to the size limits of LiveLeak we had to break this into three video segments. AUN-TV video recorded the debate and is neutral on the issue.  We seek to provide the public with both sides of this issue as a public service.

Due to the massive file size of the video we compressed the video quality so that it would fit on services like YouTube and LiveLeak.  AUN-TV makes this video available as public domain, just as long as the entire video with AUN-TV bookends is shared.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (Final)


  1. Mark Meckler used typical techniques of belittling a speaker when truth was spoken. I hope people can see this technique and wonder why he is covering up factual comments.

    The major problem in the world today, is getting our vote counted. Until we actually get one vote for one living human being, all of these debates are useless!

    Roberts Rules of Order has a complete section of rulers for a Convention. If this Convention happens, we are all screwed.

  2. The way Mark was acting, and I told him so, was like an Agenda 21 facilitator. The manner in which he responded to questions was by being in your face/space and intimidating. Mark never denied he as Agenda 21 facilitator.

  3. This is the game being played in Washington D.C.:
    The Constitution is not being enforced and is labeled as, ‘out dated’. All we need are more amendments, then it will be enforced again.
    This solution is very similar to the Immigration game, ignore the laws, they aren’t
    working…we have to pass comprehensive immigration laws, then all problems will
    be solved.


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