CNN and MSNBC Ignore Proven Police Brutality in Denver, Why?, Politics?, Video of Attack

CNN and MSNBC Ignore Proven Police Brutality in Denver, Why?, Politics?, Video of Attack

One of the most blatant criminal attacks ever by a policeman on video, is going almost unpunished.  He is still working in the Denver jail system, two years after the attack.  You can watch the attack below in an AUN-TV video that also investigates why CNN and MSNBC have never mentioned this criminal attack.

The attack was not provoked in any way, a shackled defendant, Anthony Waller, was slammed into a sharp edged metal post in a courtroom by a police guard in front of a judge, and seriously injured.  The Sheriff’s deputy is White and the victim is Black.


This excerpt from a Denver Post Article, shows it a systematic problem in Denver:

A former Denver jail inmate who was slammed against a metal window frame during a court hearing  filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and two sheriff deputies.

Anthony Waller’s complaint, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Denver, seeks $5 million in damages and an injunction that would allow the courts to supervise operations of the Denver jails.

“For decades the Defendant the City and County of Denver has been incapable of stopping the use of excessive force by its law enforcement,” the lawsuit says. “The only remedy is for outside intervention to address the systemic, culturally ingrained use of excessive force by Denver law enforcement.”

Also on Wednesday, The Denver Post obtained documents in two more abuse cases involving jail employees, as well as two videos in jail cases. In one case, a deputy grabs an inmate by the throat and shoves him onto a bench. In the other, a kitchen worker faces criminal charges for allegedly groping an inmate.

VIDEO: See video of Deputy Frank Kemp pushing and slapping an inmate.

The lawsuit and the latest revelations about misconduct among jail employees are further examples of a Denver Sheriff’s Department that needs an overhaul, especially when it comes to disciplining employees, several community activists said.

“There’s no deterrence for them acting out, basically,” said the Rev. William Golson, president of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance. “The threat of losing their jobs seems to be quite minimal.”

At least two community groups have asked for federal intervention in the Denver Safety Department, which oversees the police and sheriff’s departments.

The Waller lawsuit was filed just days after city attorneys offered $3.25 million to settle a federal lawsuit with former inmate Jamal Hunter, who was choked and tortured behind bars. The judge presiding over that case also has asked for federal intervention.


Why has this blatant miscarriage of justice been ignored for two years by CNN and MSNBC, while unproven police misconduct in Ferguson has been given media circus coverage by both?  It appears to be driven by politics, a partnership between those news companies and a political party.

The Denver victim is not as appealing a martyr as Michael Brown is, or at least was.   He is a convicted criminal.    That is no way justifies the criminal attack on him by Deputy Brady Lovingier.

The below video has the courtroom video of the attack and analysis of why there is no coverage of this crime.



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