Mother Jones Puts Out Absurdly False Article Which May Fan Racial Paranoia, Why? Part 1

Mother Jones Puts Out Absurdly False Article Which May Fan Racial Paranoia, Why? Part 1

First the Facts:

According to the US Department of Justice, Blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with Whites 45.3% and Native Americans and Asians 2.2%. The murder rate for Blacks was almost 8 times higher than Whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Most murders were intra-racial, with 84% of White homicide victims murdered by Whites, and 93% of Black victims murdered by Blacks.[32][33] Wikipedia

All else being equal one might think since 53% of murders are BY Blacks then 53% of Blacks would be murdered by Blacks and 45% by Whites.   But that is not the case.  93% of Blacks are murdered by Blacks and only 4% by Whites.   White on Black murders used to be a big problem.  The KKK lynched twice as many Americans as Al-Qaeda killed on 911, and mostly Blacks.  But today about the safest thing a Black person can do, is avoid Black people and associate with White people.  Jesse Jackson has admitted this, saying “There is nothing more painful to me … than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody White and feel relieved”.  The statistics back up Jesse Jackson, he is 23 times safer with a White person than a Black person.  The number one cause of death for Black males 15-34 is being murdered by Black males, not accidents, drugs or disease.

Race / Ethnicity Number Percentage of
U.S. population
Americans 308,745,538 100.0 %
White 223,553,265 72.4 %
African American 38,929,319 12.6 %

About 7,000 to 8,000 Blacks are murdered each year, again almost solely by other Blacks.  That means more Blacks die in America each year, solely from the abnormally high Black murder rate,  than all US deaths in the Iraq War for a decade (4489).  About 6,000 to 6,500 Blacks can be saved from murder each year, if Blacks murdered at the same rate as Whites.  The magnitude of this completely unnecessary suffering, is hard to grasp. Think of all the suffering the Iraq War has caused Americans since 2002, then add about 50%.  Remember that is just for one year and just for Blacks.

Nothing should get in the way of stopping these extra 6,000-6,500 murders each year.  We need to be truthful about this and not protect some people from mere discomfort,  if that is getting in the way of saving over 6,000 Blacks from murder, each year.   It really is not the Black murder rate that is the problem, it is the abnormally high murder rate of another group, which is the driving force killing all these Blacks, as we will learn later in this report.

So those are the facts.


Now For The Lie:

Exactly How Often Do Police Shoot Unarmed Black Men?

The killing in Ferguson was one of many such cases. Here’s what the data reveals.

The killing of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, was no anomaly: As we reported yesterday, Brown is one of at least four unarmed Black men who died at the hands of police in the last month alone. There are many more cases from years past. As Jeffrey Mittman, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Missouri chapter put it in a statement of condolence to Brown’s family, “Unarmed African-American men are shot and killed by police at an alarming rate. This pattern must stop.”

But quantifying that pattern is difficult. Federal databases that track police use of force or arrest-related deaths paint only a partial picture. Police department data is scattered and fragmented. No agency appears to track the number of police shootings or killings of unarmed victims in a systematic, comprehensive way.

Here’s some of what we do know:

Previous attempts to analyze racial bias in police shootings have arrived at similar conclusions. In 2007, ColorLines and the Chicago Reporter investigated fatal police shootings in 10 major cities, and found that there were a disproportionately high number of African Americans among police shooting victims in every one, particularly in New York, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

“We need not look for individual racists to say that we have a culture of policing that is really rubbing salt into longstanding racial wounds,” NAACP President Cornell Williams Brooks told Mother Jones,”It’s a culture in which people suspected of minor crimes are met with “overwhelmingly major, often lethal, use of force,” he says.

In Oakland, California, the NAACP reported that out of 45 officer-involved shootings in the city between 2004 and 2008, 37 of those shot were Black. None were White. One-third of the shootings resulted in fatalities. Although weapons were not found in 40 percent of cases, the NAACP found, no officers were charged.



The lack of common sense, lack of logic, and lack of general journalistic competence in the first part of this Mother Jones article is breathtaking.   The ratio of police shooting to race, if it is justified shootings, is totally dependent on WHO is committing violent crimes, like murder.    The first thing to look at is what is the makeup of Oakland?

Total Population 390,724 – 100%
One Race 368,847 – 94%
Not Hispanic or Latino 291,656 – 75%
Black or African American alone 106,637 – 27%
White 101,308 – 26%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone 1,214 – 0.3%
Asian alone 65,127 – 17%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 2,081 – 0.5%
Some other race alone 1,213 – 0.3%
Two or more races alone 14,076 – 3.6%
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 99,068 – 25.4%

So the first thing we learn is Oakland has more Blacks than Whites.  The next thing to apply is the crime rates, and they are available. The five-year average for homicide suspects in Oakland breaks down as follows: 64.7% Black, 8.6% Hispanic, 0.2% White, 2.0% Asian and 24.4% Unknown.,_California

So the math is very easy.   To tell if Blacks are being disproportionally shot by police in Oakland, for the 76% of crimes where race is known for the culprit, 65% are Blacks and 0.2% White.  This is shocking, as both groups are almost equal in population size.   This means Blacks in Oakland are about 300 times more likely to murder someone than Whites, we had to double check that to believe it.     The correct percent for police shootings should be 65/76 or 86% of all police shootings were Blacks being shot, if there was perfect non-discrimination by police. 

37 of 45 is 82%.  This is not a wide discrepancy, although it does indicate a slight pro-Black and anti-White/Other racial discrimination by the Oakland Police.

Perfection should not be expected in a sample of 45, so we will give the Oakland police department an A+ for non-racist shooting statistics.   But as we have seen, Mother Jones used these numbers, that prove non-racist behavior, falsely as evidence of racism.  It is mind boggling.  By the time someone of average intelligence is a High School freshman, he/she knows enough not to make such a flawed case.

Is this mind boggling incompetence?  Is it political corruption, similar to how newspapers would drum up support for Ku Klux Klan lynchings with lies in the past?   We decided to investigate.  What we found out is surprising.

Who is the culprit?  Jaeah Lee, Mother Jones Jaeah Lee, of Mother Jones

She doesn’t look very evil does she?  I called to ask her about this and to let her know we were going to write an article, to be fair to her, three days ago.  Left a message and never got a call back.   In reading her writings, she does not come across as cruel and hate filled, which is somewhat common with the political allies of Mother Jones in the media.    Examples are Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC, who could be nick named Mr. Hate, and Bernie Ward who in Mother Jones city, San Francisco, was the dominant Democrat/”Liberal” Talk Radio show host for years.  Ward is similar to O’Donnell, but not as bad.    Bernie is now off the air, he lost his radio job when he was sent to prison as a child pornographer, where he still is.


Her resume:

  • Fellow in Environmental Journalism at Middlebury College
  • Interactive Producer at Mother Jones

I am a journalist focusing on data-driven reporting, data visualization, and multimedia storytelling.
I speak Korean, Mandarin, French, Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Interestingly she has worked for the CFR, Council of Foreign Relations, which is suspected of being the primary behind-the-scenes string puller in America.  That is a story for another article.

It would appear she is not stupid.  I have managed many programmers through the years and have coded myself, it simply requires intelligence to be a programmer.    So is it political corruption?  Her other writings lack the dishonesty and hate that are indicators of that.   As hard as it is to believe, the answer seems to be she has been blinded by propaganda, brain washed, likely from her education.  Our guess is she has never challenged what she has been taught.  So even though she has the inherent intelligence to see through the fallacies of her article, she can not use that intelligence.  Evidence of that is she puts proof into her article, that her article is invalid!

Last week I had lunch with a survivor of both Stalin and Hitler, Mike Oliver.  He after escaping from a concentration camp witnessed German boys making suicidal attacks on US troops, after Hitler was dead and Berlin had fallen.   He mentioned the reason was propaganda had so blinded them, they died for an evil cause.  Long term propaganda has an amazing ability to blind people.  Watch the video of Oliver here, he provides amazing insight into totalitarian dictatorships, the power of  propaganda and the character of Americans:


Lee of Mother Jones continued with this self invalidating data:


When you look at the racial breakdown of New Yorkers, Black people are disproportionately represented among those targeted as criminal shooting suspects, firearms arrestees, and those fired upon or struck by police gunfire.

NYPD Firearms Discharge Report, 2011
Her data shows that whites are shot at by police about 4 to 5 times more than Blacks, in relation to criminal activity.    Her graph, from the NYPD shows no White person has fired at the police, yet about 22% of people hit by police gunfire, are White.   Lee’s graph shows about 3% of criminal shootings are by Whites, yet 22% of people shot (hit) by police are White.  About 70% of criminal shootings are by Blacks, yet only about 42% of people shot (hit) by police are Black.
This is unlike Oakland, NYPD statistics do show a clear racial inequity, that Whites are being targeted for police shooting (hits) about 7 times more than they should be.  And that Blacks are being shot by Police 66% less than they should be, if the police department were non-racist.
This information that Lee put in her article totally refutes the entire premise of her article, yet she did not notice this.  There are a lot of reports that education is being dumbed down.
I have heard this is from government teachers, some of which have resigned in protest.  A major reason for this, is the replacement of some of the education time with political propaganda.  This article by Mother Jones, may be evidence of that.
How can we explain this over shooting of Whites by the New York Police, besides racism?  There is a good explanation, self interest.  It is much easier for the police to shoot a White than a Black.  You do not get Ferguson-like rioting, looting, national attention and investigation, if you shoot a White person.  If Michael Brown were White, would have any of us heard of him, outside of St. Louis?  Almost for sure, the answer is no.  The Justice Department’s  Civil Rights Division certainly would not look into it.  It has become so racist under Obama that several members of it resigned in protest, after they were told by higher ups that the Obama Administration only cares about civil rights for non-Whites.  Here is the testimony of just one of them:

So the reason it appears the NYPD is racist,  by over targeting Whites for shootings,  is most likely that they are not doing that.  What they are doing, is giving preferential treatment to Blacks and avoiding shooting Blacks, even if it endangers their own lives and other lives, because society cares more about the shooting of Blacks than Whites.  This is exactly why Blacks were shot by police much more than Whites, in the 1950s, in racially segregated States.  They would get much more trouble shooting a White than a Black, even if an officer murdering a Black were socially acceptable in some areas.  Blacks had much less protection by the news media and society. 

After this inspection of this Mother Jones article, one might think they have no credibility at all, they could never get a story right.   That is not the case.  One of the senior writers is Kevin Drum.   I emailed him a few years ago, because of an article he wrote, half way through the Iraq surge.  I saw about two years after that the surge had achieved its objectives.  He said in that article the surge was a total failure and would never work.    I asked him what he thought now.  To my surprise, he got back to me in email and flat out admitted he had been totally wrong.  I was truly impressed.  If you read his work, he is not a rabid hating Lawrence O’Donnell type, even though politically he has similar views.

Then his name rang a bell and realized we knew each other, from the digital document imaging industry.  He had been a VP of Kofax and I had been CEO of Sequoia Data in the 1990s.  We had met and done business.

Since this article is about murder rates, we have included an MSNBC video of Kevin talking about how statistics indicate lead blood levels, correlate to murder rates.  It is interesting.

The bottom-line on this article is that it is not only totally false in its premise, but it is racial paranoia-generating.  It makes people fear things that do not exist, while covering up real major dangers.   It is truly dangerous, it and similar myths, are part of the reason Blacks are murdered so often.


Now that we know the level of suffering for Blacks in America, more extra killings per year than the entire 9-year Iraq War, what are we willing to do about it?

1.  Are we willing to be honest about it?

2. Are we willing to confront those responsible, even if it is ourselves?

3. Are we willing to embarrass people, or are 6,000 plus unnecessary murders per year of Blacks, not worth embarrassing people or powerful institutions?


Each one of us has to make that decision.     AUN-TV has decided to tackle it, as you will see in Part 2 of this two part of this investigation.




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