Hillary Clinton Insists on Mega Rich Lifestyle, $39 Million Private Jet Her Minimum to Travel

Hillary Clinton Insists on Mega Rich Lifestyle, $39 Million Private Jet Her Minimum to Travel

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, through the state public records law, has found that Hillary Clinton insists on extreme luxury and extreme control, when she speaks, on top of her fees.  Their article is quite eye-opening.

While Clinton claims to be a believer in the CO2 Global Warming movement, that wants average people to reduce their “carbon footprint”, through lower living standards and less jobs, for herself she insists on the opposite.  She insists, in writing, that she is given free, a $39 million, 16-passenger Gulfstream G450 or larger private jet to travel to a speech.    The carbon dioxide footprint is about 8,000 pounds per hour for Clinton on the super sized private jets she insists on.   That is the same carbon footprint as the average person in the world, for a year.  Hillary creates twice the CO2 in a single trip to Las Vegas, as the average American does in a year, for everything.

The LVRJ also found out information that implies Hillary Clinton is an extreme control freak.   This is disconcerting, as that is a symptom of sociopaths.  Sociopaths that become heads of states have been the single most dangerous thing to average citizens throughout history.  It is very common for heads of state to be sociopaths.  Examples are Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim dynasty, Saddam Hussein, Mussolini, Pol Pot and many more in the last 100 years.  Currently Hillary Clinton is seeking to be a head of state.

Hillary’s Minimum, GulfStream 450



Hillary Rodham Clinton likes to travel in style.

LVRJ: She insists on staying in the “presidential suite” of luxury hotels that she chooses anywhere in the world, including Las Vegas.

She usually requires those who pay her six-figure fees for speeches to also provide a private jet for transportation — only a $39 million, 16-passenger Gulfstream G450 or larger will do.

And she doesn’t travel alone, relying on an entourage of a couple of “travel aides,” and a couple of advance staffers who check out her speech site in the days leading up to her appearance, much like a White House trip, according to her contract and supporting documents concerning her Oct. 13 speech at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas Foundation fundraiser. The documents were obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal through the state public records law.


Clinton, a former first lady, U.S. senator from New York and U.S. secretary of state, is expected to run for president in 2016. Her lifestyles of the rich and famous ways and comments that she made about her wealth during a recent book tour have fueled criticism that she’s out of touch with average Americans.

The Democratic contender said she pays taxes, unlike some people who are “truly well off.” She also said she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001. In the past eight years alone, the couple has earned more than $100 million, much of it from speaking fees, according to Politico.

In fact, the former president spoke at the 2012 UNLV Foundation dinner, taking home a $250,000 fee. His spouse will get $225,000 to speak at the annual dinner. The size of Hillary Clinton’s fee has come under fire from critics who question the large expense in an era when students are hard-pressed to cover tuition and leave school saddled with massive debt.

But Clinton’s $225,000 is something of a cut-rate. Documents obtained by the newspaper show that she initially asked for $300,000 and reveal that she insists on controlling every detail of the private event, large and small, to ensure that she will be the center of attention.

“It is agreed that Speaker will be the only person on the stage during her remarks,” according to the May 13 contract the Harry Walker Agency signed for Clinton’s keynote address at the Bellagio.

According to her standard speaking contract, Clinton will remain at the event no longer than 90 minutes; will pose for no more than 50 photos with no more than 100 people; and won’t allow any press coverage or video- or audio-taping of her speech.

The only record allowed will be made by a stenographer whose transcription will be given only to Clinton. The stenographer’s $1,250 bill, however, will go to the UNLV Foundation.

The foundation, meanwhile, is prohibited from advertising the event on radio, TV or billboards. Mail and website ads are allowed, although Clinton staffers must approve in writing any promotional material. One unhappy UNLV Foundation official in an email complained of “meddling” after Clinton’s agency edited a description of the annual dinner to “dumb it down.”

And Clinton’s demand for approval of all website material before it hits the Internet prompted a UNLV Web designer to grouse in an email that it seems “assbackwards in my mind.”

The foundation complied with Clinton’s wishes, however.   Read More: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/high-fashion-expense-hillary-travel

  1. The majority of public office holders and seekers are will to power driven sociopaths.

    Those at the apex of the pyramid of mass murder, slavery, impoverishment and human sacrifice are will to power driven psychopaths.

    Hillary Clinton and the current occupants of the White House belong in the latter category.


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